A Small and Remarkable Life

The short (231 pp.) science fiction novel A Small and Remarkable Life is by Nick DiChario and printed by Robert J. Sawyer Books. This is the first DiChario story I’ve read and I certainly want to read more. He is a very unusual writer and approaches first contact with an alien in a completely original way. He manages to tackle religion, becoming human and the difficulties of being different in the xenophobic Adirondack Mountains of the mid 1800’s in a truly engaging read.
Tink Puddah is born prematurely as a result of the death of his parents on the day they arrive from a different planet called Wetspace. He has 3 strikes against him when dealing with humans: he’s malformed and diminutive, he’s definitely a foreigner and, well, he’s blue. But he is gifted with a oneness with the land and its creatures that allows him to survive.
The pace and the irregular shifting from the past to the present were a little difficult to get used to at the beginning but it is entirely worth the effort: Tink Puddah is someone any open minded person would like to know.
Very highly recommended.


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