Problem selecting text in Abiword on Xubuntu

The Xubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) Desktop distro comes with Abiword 2.6.6 and I’ve been trying it out. I was using Open Office Writer with Ubuntu 8.04.1 but I thought I’d give Abiword a test run before deciding about installing Open Office.
One problem that has been really annoying was that any selected text was completely black. I found little specific information online but the two articles I saw (this one and especially this one) pointed me to the solution.
Go to Applications > Settings > Appearance. MurrinaStormCloud was the style my installation of Xubuntu came with. I changed it to Xfce. Et voilà, I could see selected text and the result elsewhere in the environment was pleasing. In fact, I’ve tried almost all of the styles and the only one so far that causes a problem is MurrinaStormCloud.


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