Run Fatboy Run

David Schwimmer directed this Michael Ian Black (of Stella fame) story. The principal Simon Pegg and Black wrote the screenplay. This was a very enjoyable movie with a lot of unusual humour. Sure the basic plot is simple and predictable, but it’s how the talented actors get from A to B that is a lot of fun.
Simon Pegg is excellent at creating a sympathetic character to watch in Dennis Doyle, someone who has trouble finishing anything. I think Pegg did even better here than in Hot Fuzz another of his films that I own. Although Hot Fuzz was filmed in the same year (2007) I found the growth of Dennis far more believable than the change in Nicholas Angel who goes from strictly by the rules and neurotic lawman quickly to someone too much like Harry Callahan for my taste. I think that film would have benefited from the character restraint in Run Fatboy Run.
Beside Pegg I liked Dylan Moran‘s character (the irrepressible but lovable and funny Gordon) best. Harish Patel‘s Mr. Goshdashtidar was a lovingly done but stereotypic Indian-man-in-England.
Other actors who were good were: Matthew Fenton (Jake), Hank Azaria (Whit) and Thandie Newton (Libby).
A very much recommended comedy for adults and definitely not suitable for a pre-teen sleep-over, son (you know who you are).


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