Making Cellular Biology real with BioVision

Found mention of an incredible site last night while cruising the web. It was through a video on David Bolinsky (which I recommend). You will, I think, get more of it if you can watch the ABC news cast on the BioVisions site first. Then you can watch the animation if you are interested enough. I will bet that you will be.
I have two degrees in biology and was an Instructor teaching first year biology at a University and yet I learned more about animal cell structure just watching this ten minute video than I did in months at school. Molecular or nano machines inside the cell were merely an idea. This video made them far more real to me.
This video should be required watching for every student taking science at the grade six level. This is the age targeted by many Summer Science camps for good reason. These children haven’t yet lost their sense of wonder in the world. Show them this video and they’ll be far more interested in biology than by any lecturing you could possibly inflict on them.


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