Autocompletion and Intellisense in SQL Server

I understand you can use third party tools to add autocompletion and intellisense to Management Studio 2005 (for example, Redgate offers SQL Prompt Pro) but I haven’t tried it yet. I have installed SQL Server Express 2008 to play with.  I tried the new intellisense feature and I have to say I’m impressed with how nicely it’s built in to Management Studio.

For example, if you wait long enough after entering ‘use ‘ (don’t forget the space) it’ll give you a drop down of available db’s. That’s cool.
But even more nifty is typing ‘exec usp’ and then picking one of my own stored procedures from the list. Then hit space and there’s a list of the necessary parameters.  Wow!
And if you name all your tables with a ‘tbl’ prefix you can try ‘select * from tbl’ and you should see a list of the tables. And, again if you use a standard naming convention you can pick a table and then a likely prefix for a column in a where clause like ‘select * from tblnappy where str’ and get all the string columns you have listed. Or functions close to that spelling.
For more information access BOL on the MS website and look at the following topics:

It certainly makes be eager to get the new computer that’s coming to me at work so I can install the Developer edition and start working with it.


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