Susan Boyle a con? Does it really matter?

I read the article Susan Boyle: Has the world been conned? and I have to agree with some of the comments online to the story. The article itself is a con to get readers to read the paper. Well duh. That’s what papers do. But whether the TV show featuring Susan Boyle’s singing is a con or not? I mean, really. How can you even ask such a question? It was entertainment. We can get on our high horses and shout to the compliant sky (or to our blogs) that this or that TV show is fake. Well that’s not news: TV is fake. Or, at least, it’s a fabrication by back room media types (whoever they are). That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun to watch. It can be great fun! But let’s not spoil things by expecting reality on TV. Even the word ‘reality’ has been given a bad rap by ‘reality programming’.
I enjoyed watching Susan and hearing her sing on You Tube. I thought it was a wonderful show and featured a terrific voice and I wish her well. That’s enough for me.


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