Echo and the CycleMan

I usually know better than to pick up a copy of the Echo but I did so anyway last night.  It is an Entertainment weekly for Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph tending toward a ‘scene’ that I’m not all that interested in.  But this was the 2nd Annual Cycle Guide by lined with ‘Your Rants, the Best Trails & the Urban Jungle.’  As someone who bikes more than their fair share, some would say I’m insane for cycling, it piqued my interest even though it had a cheesy picture of a fashion plate couple on a tandem bike who were definitely not dressed for biking.  So I start flipping through pages of ads to events I frankly find laughable such as concerts for bands obviously capitalizing on vague references to religion, psychological disorders and ‘evil’ as well as two ads for Sexapalooza featuring a woman whose push up bra must be painful.  I forged on looking hard for the cycling content until I finally found it on page 26.  There it was.  Along with another picture of the non-cyclers and two large ads for bike stores.  It was a third-of-a-page and pitifully newbie listing of bike trails that would better have been replaced with the URL’s that they were obviously pulled from.  There’s no commentary at all, no ‘rants’, nothing to indicate that anyone who actually knew which end of a bicycle goes first was involved.
So call me a sucker as I put this trash in the Recycling.

Some better places to go for Cycling information:



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