Drawing in Excel

I wrote a VBA module for Excel over five years ago for clients. It has a User Interface in Excel which imports CSV data from one of our software packages and then creates scatter plots on a separate worksheet using the draw capability native to most of the Office packages.
Trouble was that my 1700 line macro did not migrate to Excel 2007 without mishap. I was trying to find references on Google today to figure out what went wrong. These are few and far between as Draw is badly documented in books, online help and even on the Microsoft Website.
I stumbled across this 7-item set of blog posts by Doug Jenkins while looking which helped a great deal. These are an excellent introduction with intriguing and practical demos to help anyone use Draw in Excel 2007. The Animation post and download was really cool.
With Doug’s tutorials I have cleared up half of my problems so far.


1 thought on “Drawing in Excel”

  1. Thanks for the link and the comments.

    A useful resource, if you like printed documentation, is Excel 2007 VBA by Green, Bullen, Bovey and Alexander. It’s very “dry”, but it’s full of useful information; about 1/3 of its 1100 pages is a full listing of the Excel object model. Very like the printed documentation we used to get with software once.


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