The Plus and Minus of a week-long course in Toronto

I was on course in Toronto this past week (SQL Server Administration) and had a terrible cold. My first in over a year.
There I was in that classroom on the 12th floor at Yonge and King. Each day time was shown to pass with a bigger and bigger pile of used kleenex or napkins beside me. The building had 16 floors with a beautiful marble staircase. It once, I’m told, was the tallest building in the British Empire. Close quarters in certain spaces but very elegant.
The commuting on the bus brought back what I used to do each day several years ago in a deja vu that wasn’t entirely welcome. The plus was that the instructor, Mark Hions, was excellent and I learned a tremendous amount. That was worth the cost of the early mornings and late evenings involved in getting to what a friend calls ‘The Big Smoke’! I have been to places with far more air pollution but, relative to Guelph, I can certainly feel the difference in my beleaguered bronchial passages.
There was another positive, though. It was a personal plus. I was able to spend hours each day on the damn buses writing in my notebook. I bought a large container of sugar-free gum to keep from getting too bus-sick. I probably have 50 pages to type in. I’m up to 42,000 words in my sequel to the Relater. Time alone, perhaps especially when feeling miserable, is the true friend of a wannabe writer!


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