Snow Cake

No preconceived ideas about this film prejudiced me in any way. Even though it has big name actors like Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman and Carrie-Anne Moss. I saw it completely cinema rasa which is my favourite way to watch something of the silver screen. That way the delight and all the other positive things are always my own. And the same applies to negative emotions but these, happily, did not apply with this film by Marc Evans.
This is a powerful, beautiful and extremely funny movie. Weaver plays Linda Freeman, an autistic woman, so amazingly well it’s incredible to watch. And Rickman does an outstanding job playing Alex Hughes who is over sensitive and yet, at the same time, removed from his fellow human beings.
The title ‘Snow Cake’ did not attract me to the film to be honest. I thought it had something to do with drugs or sex. The truth, as written by Angela Pell, caught me by surprise. I won’t spoil the joy of it by saying anything more: just watch for it.
The setting and location are in and around Wawa, Ontario, often considered hitchhiker hell in the real world because so many get stranded there for days. It’s funny, then, that we see Vivienne Freeman (played wonderfully though only briefly by Emily Hampshire) trying to thumb there as a destination. But it seems like just the quirky thing Vivienne would do. And her character continues to subtly evolve for the audience in the interaction between Rickman and Weaver, well after her death and especially on the day of her funeral.
While this could be categorized as a feel-good movie by some I think you’d be judging it too quickly. It’s far more subtle. Alex visually grows through the events and as you sit watching him and that journey on your couch, so do you.
Very highly recommended but not suitable for young children.


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