Crispin Glover on Letterman

Crispin Glover’s infamous appearance on Letterman was in 1987 and yet it still is a hot topic on the internet. That fact, in itself, shows how cool the internet is. I, for one, love it when a host like Letterman is challenged by someone trying something original like Glover or, more recently, Joaquin Phoenix. I love the part where David interrupts Crispin to ask Paul about people who drown or die on stage and Paul retorts “Are you talking about you or him?” Great answer. From what I saw it was Letterman who was drowning there… so much so that he left the stage with none of his sense of humour intact. I love the audience booing Letterman at the end!
No one should deserve to be in such a position of power that they can’t or won’t be moved by something new. Perhaps David was having an off night but it all works out, in a funny way, to be a really cool segment. I watched this recent clip with Crispin Glover talking about it and found it interesting and hilarious! Of course, later on, Letterman was able to be big enough to have Glover back on.


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