Using Excel to create an html FAQ

Like Generating SQL from Excel, you can do the same for HTML files. One task I’ve automated is the building of Frequently Asked Question files. The kind with a short list of questions and these are linked below to the question repeated and answered.
Using a forumula you can enter whatever you want in the header, body and footer. I like to put all my plain text in columns on the left and then use one column to the right for the top of the faq and then another beside it for the answers.
Here’s an example formula for the title of the faq:
Note that .LT. means a ‘less than character’ and .GT.; a ‘greater than character’.
So then you only have to copy the formula results in the two right columns (first one –for the top– and then the next one) into a text file with an html or htm extension and you’re done.
One more tip is to remember to save the file with the right encoding (that’s the bottom dropdown in Notepad when saving) if you’re using Unicode characters.
I’ve put the faq spreadsheet in a google spreadsheet and made it available to everyone here if you’d like to try it out. It saves me a great deal of time!
Let me know if you can think of any improvements or if the google doc doesn’t work. The google doc does require a supported browser to be able to select individual cells and the formulae won’t show up because this is exported from Excel as text into a google doc but I think you get the general idea. If you’d like the original spreadsheet comment away and I’ll send it to you.


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