SQL Server 2005 SP3

Microsoft quietly released a new service pack for SQL Server 2005 (Development release date November 24, 2008 ) on December 15. You can learn how to find it here or here but that’s not the whole story. Upgrading non-Express editions is relatively straightforward but there is a gotcha for Express. You need to get the full release of SQL Server Express and then run it with a command line parameter. If you really think about this, it’s really weird. Microsoft has been promoting Windows operating systems forever now and it forces you to use a command line parameter for the edition of their database that is supposed to be to their low-end and most user friendly and a separate SP3 executable for their other, more advanced editions. This is just making it difficult to do recommended upgrades.

Get with your own program, Microsoft!

Here’s what you need to do for the upgrade:
Download for the regular (32 or 64 bit) version of SSE here or, if you want it with Advanced Services (which I usually do) then use this link.
Run either film with the paramater (don’t forget to keep the capital letters – bother!) SKUUPGRADE=1. So for normal SSE you’d use:


and for SSE with Advanced Services you’d use:


This will change the version from:
9.00.3042 (SP2 – February 9, 2007)


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