Other Graphic Novels

Our library has a surprising number of graphic novels. Here’s just a few:

Kazu Kibuishi’s View Item DetailsFlight or View Item DetailsAmulet. Book 1, The stonekeeper

Michel Rabagliati‘s View Item DetailsPaul goes fishing or View Item DetailsPaul has a summer job (translated from French).

Seth (who was at a Guelph author’s event I went to this past year): View Item DetailsBannock, beans, and black tea : the life of a young boy growing up in the Great Depression or View Item DetailsChristmas days

Alan Moore’s View Item DetailsThe league of extraordinary gentlemen in volumes 1 and 2.  Moore is a bit dark but a complex and gifted story teller.  The first volume is better than the second IMHO.

Hayao Miyazaki’s View Item DetailsHowl’s moving castle, V.1 which is based on a favourite movie.

A.B. Cover’s View Item DetailsWilliam Shakespeare’s MacBeth : the graphic novel.


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