Ned Kelly

Director Gregor Jordan‘s take on the life of the famous outlaw Ned Kelly was inspired by Robert Drewe‘s novel Our Sunshine.  Starring Heath Ledger in the title role, Orlando Bloom as Joe Byrne, Naomi Watts as Ned’s impossible to achieve love interest and Geoffrey Rush as the man sent to track him down, the 2003 film certainly has enough star power. But does it measure up?
I think it does actually but not because of the big names or adherence to facts.  It is important to realise that this is not a documentary but rather a fictional life story based on true events. The acting is very good (especially Heath Ledger’s) but what really had me enthralled were the landscape shots. These caught the unforgiving land upon which the Kelly gang depended for survival. This was especially difficult with the huge manhunt mounted against him.
I’m a big admirer of Peter Carey and this movie has inspired me to snag a copy of his True History of The Kelly Gang.
Highly recommended.


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