The Holiday Malaise

A nice long holiday is always a welcome thing, right?  Well that’s not always true.  Full freedom can lead to sloth, rocking of the ‘family emotion’ boat and scary dreams.

A case in point.  This morning I dreamt I was back at the first day of the fourth year of high school, or Grade 12.   I had no idea where I was supposed to go and the office wouldn’t help me.  So I was wandering the stairs and halls of the old Bishop MacDonell High.  Crazy.  In playing such a non-adult but almost adult role in my dream I retained my current adult knowledge.  I imagined myself arriving in a computer class and knowing far more than the teacher.  Or English.  Or almost anything.  All that experience in a 16 year old head was scary in itself.  I remember wondering what teachers and other students thought of my beard.  It was unsettling enough to wake me up in a sweat, get dressed and crawl down to the basement computer on this furiously frigid morning which is only now beginning to show some sign of light.

So what’s the cure for this malaise?  Doing something would be my answer.  I already feel better after having commented on an excellent CBC podcast by Jesse Brown I heard this past week, read my mail and written this blog entry.  Last night I absented myself from the family and went to my room to do some reading and writing (book two of Menc) and that helped too.  The cold weather and concerns over Christmas has us largely in each other’s faces and we all need a break.  Today I will accomplish a lot, including the washroom shelves Karen wants installed.  Maybe, some cross country skiing will happen with all the snow we’ve got!  All part of a general cure.


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2 Responses to The Holiday Malaise

  1. Dan the Bro' says:

    Grade 12 eh?

    This close to Christmas I would say the following;

    1. You were probably thinking Christmas thoughts.
    2. A festive rendition of “Silver Bells” was being played.
    3. Finally…you somehow, in your head, mixed that up with the real reason for your dreams: “Silver Boots”.

    …I believe this analysis to be correct.

  2. tgrignon says:

    But I loved those silver boots! They were so Devo! And warm! How could you imagine that they would give me nightmares?
    I could believe you and Michelle (and possibly Chris) would have nightmares about walking to school with me while I was wearing them. I can see it now. We’re all walking along and you’re trying to walk faster and faster so you won’t be seen with me but then you hear my voice from far behind: “Why are you running? You’re wearing them too!” And then you look done and see it’s true. And then you SCREAM!

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