Fire in the ancient language invented by Christopher Paolini is the name of the third book in his Inheritance Cycle of fantasy books. It is a transitional work and sets up all the elements for the unnamed fourth and final book: so while you learn some new things about Eragon and the dragons, it didn’t have as much an impact on me as the second book and especially the first. The background on the Urgals and the continuing of Roran’s adventures were, however, interesting.  Eragon is rebounding here, learning how to fight his brother and Galvatorix from his teacher.  I found the death at the end of the book too quick, however.  It seemed too much of a waste for someone of that calibre to my liking.
I enjoyed it and certainly recommend it to anyone who has read the first two.
Still, I doubt that making a movie with this or the second book would be a good idea. Paolini’s world was certainly too big for the producers and screen writers of the first movie.


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