Guelph Festival of Moving Media 2008

The Guelph Festival of Moving Media is done for another year and, including the pre-festival screening of the raw milk saga of Michael Schmidt, I saw eight documentaries in total. I volunteered as the tech for all the films shown at the Alma Gallery venue which were:

  • We are Wizards
  • The Linguists
  • 1000 Journals
  • The Price of Sugar
  • The Unforeseen
  • A Promise to the Dead

The first three were yesterday and the last; today. I managed to squeeze in one more documentary at the e-bar venue in between shows yesterday:

  • Surfwise

Of course this is all fodder for future blog entries so reviews will follow. I want to think about them and do a little more research before I write up each.
If anyone from Guelph or area is reading this I would very much encourage them to attend next year’s festival. I think you’d find any of these well chosen films worth the price of admission. And if you can’t afford that and are willing to commit your time you could volunteer as I did. I was just an assistant for setting things up last year but with this festival I had the responsibility for setting up and running the equipment for all the screenings at a single venue. I saw pictures I might not have been inclined to pick but I ended up enjoying all of them.  A very enlightening weekend.


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