I knew nothing about this film even though it was released this year. Often the best finds are pictures out of the blue like that! We started watching it last night and even the boys were enthralled with it. It’s a romantic comedy but I found it fresher than most. Surreal but not enough to be over the top. Or, it’s so lovely you wish it were real.
Christina Ricci and James McAvoy were well matched for their roles as the main love interest and did an excellent job in making everything believable. One of my favourite roles, Lemon, was played by Peter Dinklage: a ‘bad guy’ and paparazzo (the singular form of the plural term Paparazzi, if you can believe that) who you actually grow to like. This film turns a lot on its head and I enjoyed every minute of it. The director, Mark Palansky, is someone from whom we can hopefully expect great things. This is one I’d love to own.
Highly recommended family viewing.


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