Miel para Oshún

This is a movie about a man who returns to Cuba, the land of his birth, to try to find his mother after 30 years.  I didn’t have great expectations about it since my parents gave it to me and they usually aren’t the International Cinema types. I wonder if they watched it. At first this 2001 movie struck me as just more Latin American melodrama.  I was cooking supper when Karen started watching it in the living room.  After burning some stuff I ended up on the couch, rapt, and enjoying this powerful film. The English title is Honey for Oshun but since it is unabashedly in Spanish with English subtitles you might as well use the original name.
It was so good that I had to watch the beginning again after it was over. There are amazing performances by Jorge Perugorría as Roberto from Miami, Isabel Santos as his cousin Pilar who stayed behind and Mario Limonta as Antonio. Another great feature of this film is the wonderful scenery of Cuba, a place I’ve always wanted to visit. The three main characters are on one of the most trying road trips ever and trying to find a needle in a big haystack. Even though Roberto goes through hell, I was never left with the idea that it was because it was Cuba. If anything we’re shown the people of Cuba to be bound together in amazingly supportive and loving communities.
A surprisingly excellent story and film that I can recommend enough.


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