Eden Mills Writers’ Festival – 20th Anniversary

The main part of the festival occurred on the afternoon of Sunday September 7 and I saw the following writers read from their work:

  • Elspeth Cameron
  • David Chariandy
  • Rebecca Rosenblum
  • Alma Fullerton
  • Kenneth Oppel
  • Arthur Slade
  • Sheree-Lee Olson
  • Robert Sawyer
  • Anita Rau Badami
  • Karen Schindler
  • Carin Mukuz
  • Sylvia Markle-Craine
  • Kaite Ewing
  • Alistair MacLeod
  • Paul Quarrington
  • Leon Rooke

Quite the line up of interesting readings. I enjoyed them all but I especially liked David Chariandy, Kenneth Oppel, Arthur Slade, Robert Sawyer, Sylvia Markle-Craine, Alistair MacLeod, Paul Quarrington and Leon Rooke. Kenneth Oppel and Arthur Slade were both engaging readers of their young adult fiction. Oppel read from the intriguing Starclimber from his alternate Earth and Slade from the funny and well characterized Jolted. I bought Megiddo’s Shadow which is one of Slade’s books. I’m part way through it and enjoying it although I’m not a big war fiction fan. I really want to read Jolted but it was sold out.
Robert J. Sawyer read from Rollback which I recently read. It looked like he read from a blackberry or i-pod touch or something, holding that in one outstretched hand while dramatically reading. He was excellent and performed one of the pivotal parts of the book with great feeling. I went to Eden Mills to support my friend, Sylvia, AND to see one of my favourite Hard SF writers: Robert J. Sawyer. He did not disappoint. While walking to one of the next events I talked to him a bit and he’s coming out with the first book in a trilogy called Wake in April. I can’t wait.
Sylvia did a wonderful job on her Donny Crow story. I was envious of the style and relaxed way she read this emotional story about a man lost after the death of his wife. A beautiful story especially if you read the story that immediately comes after it that she recently published in Swimming to Fatima.
Paul Quarrington and Leon Rooke capped off a great day with their stories about beginning writers who have taken a writing course. Both touching and hilarious at the same time I was impressed with their reading ability. Rooke, especially, took on this bombastic American accent which fit his story beautifully and had many of us laughing so hard there were tears in our eyes.


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