Gone Baby Gone

This 2007 film with Ben Affleck directing was an unexpected pleasure. It’s a gritty story with the many twists and turns I expected from the writer who gave us Mystic River. But this one had a different flavour: I found it very real. Complex people making intricate choices that impact lives. Like real life.
Ben’s brother, Casey, convincingly plays Patrick Kenzie a private investigator who finds people lost in the cracks of Boston. Michelle Monaghan is great as Angie Gennaro, his partner, who is idealistic. Morgan Freeman’s character, Jack Doyle, is not a corrupt police captain but he is willing to bend rules here and there. And Ed Harris is inspired as officer Remy Bressant.
An important film that doesn’t leave you with the cloying taste of Hollywood. This was not an easy movie to watch and it’s definitely not for the kids. I was very impressed with it and recommend it.


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One Response to Gone Baby Gone

  1. Karen says:

    I was left remembering some of what I learned from philosophy studies… that doing the ‘right thing’ is often the most difficult thing… It can seem so relative, so subjective to all involved, as evidenced in this film. Each character drew upon their own life experience to guide their decision. This movie showed how hard it is to choose what one sees as the ‘objective’ truth, and not what most others involved thought would be best… feel best… was a sure bet of everyone feeling as though the safest, most ‘controlable’ choice was made. How often does a theme like that get played out in the movies? In this film especially, the right thing, may not be the best thing, for the child. Life is like that. You read about social services having to make decisions as made in this movie. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes, tragically, not. We are face choices, sometimes black and white, sometimes so grey… The older we get, the more we realize just what a crap shoot life can seem… That’s why so many people pray for guidance. The veil of life, because we are only human, clouds our vision. We cannot glean the future. I suppose the clearest message in this film is how hard some choices are and the degree of ‘guts’ it takes to live with them.

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