How advanced are we?

We don’t have the promised flying cars and we still suffer from many long-known diseases. A close friend of mine just died from one. So why aren’t we as advanced as we expected? The 20th century was awash in technological discoveries: we baby boomers and our parents have seen more change during our lifetimes then anyone could have expected. So what gives?
A friend showed me this article which is, in an odd sort of way, reassuring. The world is a complex place and we are extremely complex beings. My take home message (even though I’m already at home!) is this: take it easy, enjoy the ride and stop expecting to turn into supermen and superwomen. Thankfully, we’re not ready or prepared for that yet. I say I’m thankful because the world would be boring if everything had been solved. We will continue to learn to be what is human and part of that is grieving for those we lose before their time.
It’s also encouraging in that there is still so much to speculate on and grow into in fiction!


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