The Serpent Tunnel

Man was walking his golden retriever.
Dog smelled and categorized all scent messages as they went.
Walking. Air Cool.
Sudden tunnel erupted from the grass before them, looped up and down again swallowing them.
Dog and man detected no motion although the direction they walked seemed … well … down.
Walking. Air Stuffy.
The warm but solid walls of the tunnel disappeared as suddenly.
The man saw he was in a large cavern. Purple fungi as large as him sprouting from the ceiling with spore holes pointing down. Ground looked like solidified slime mold and glowing enough to see by.
The dog was in a cacophanous scent array that confused him. He was most disappointed by the lack of information on other dogs but confined his discomfort to a low grunt as he sat.
Standing around. Not knowing where to go.
Walking eventually again. Shoes and claws make sound like on an overly waxed floor.
Pillars of the yellow slime ahead. Not quite translucent… something in there. Interspersed with white octagons on the ground.
Ground tilts up and drops man and dog in an octagon. The shape quickly swooshes up and another column joins the others in the tunnel. No sounds on the floor.


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