450 divided by 10

This is my 450th post and appropriately enough there is a mathematical link with that number and my current age. I’m a small record with a big hole in it. And that RPMed and multiplied by 10 gets you 450. And that number is the year of birth for Thrasamund, King of the Vandals in Africa, and of the mathematician Zu Geng. It is also the traditional year that the Angles, Saxons and Jutes invaded Britain.
And on the age font, I’m also a popular calibre of bullet. Well perhaps not so much in Canada.
You see… this is the problem with our modern culture: we celebrate far too many numbers. I mean, think of it. What have numbers done for us anyhow? Allowed us to really, really blow each other up? Also to travel at speeds that mess you up terribly if you are required to stop suddenly? ‘Course we can also play Halo. OK… so I’m not going to ask for any technological regressions.


3 thoughts on “450 divided by 10”

  1. Hi There But i am a bit scared i would like to get help can you help me ? please! i am scared to tell incase people laugh at me so can you make me a bit smarter because i want to be a professional footballer when i get older so i would like to get smarter byee

    From Ross* =]

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