Clay Pot Cooking

My wife came home with a clay pot cooker a couple of weeks back and I wasn’t immediately impressed but cooking with it has made me into a convert. I should have known better since Karen really does buy great cooking gear.
I have to say that clay cookers rock! The recipes are easy to put together (you basically just throw things into the pot) and the only real difficulty is having to soak the cooker in a sink full of water for 20 minutes before. No pre-heating the oven and less energy is used since cooking times for, say, a chicken are way less than what we have been used to with conventional pots.
I’ve made 40 Clove Chicken many times now using this recipe and it only takes 75 minutes and tastes amazing. I’m looking forward to trying out other recipes with this ancient but environmentally modern cookware.


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3 Responses to Clay Pot Cooking

  1. amy says:

    where can i find one of these claypot what store my fiance is from sudan so that wuold be right down his ally

  2. tgrignon says:

    We lucked out and found ours in a local thrift shop (Value Village), but they can be bought online:
    or probably at a fine cookware store.

  3. tgrignon says:

    Had to change the recipe link above as it doesn’t work any more.

    The old one was:

    The new one is:

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