29th Annual Speed River Cleanup

This was the first year I have participated in the cleanup of one of our local rivers: the Speed. The event, hosted by OPIRG and sponsored by Meridian, Remax and RLB, was well attended and a lot of fun. The section I was with did the northwest side of the river from the Hanlon Overpass to the sand volleyball courts (the second weir southwest of Edinburgh Rd). This was a kid friendly part of the cleanup and the kids with us seemed to enjoy it very much.
Our biggest finds were a picnic table, truck tire complete with rim, a folding chair and a plastic rug runner. The most interesting critters we saw were two large river snails (with a spiral shell) over 2 inches in diameter each, a painted turtle and a few catfish. There were many crayfish and other critters too.
The event wrapped up with a barbecue and entertainment at McCrae House.
I would certainly do it again and try to drag the Wii kids with me.


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