Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing

This is my favourite recipe for blue cheese dressing. Delicious with a crisp salad. Make it at least an hour before the meal and let it sit in the fridge with a tight fitting lid before serving.

Stuff you need:

– 1/2Tsp/2.5mL dry mustard
– 1/2Tsp/2.5mL fresh ground pepper
– 1/2Tsp/2.5mL salt
– 2-3 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed (don’t recommend any more; if you don’t like it that strong you might want to reduce here)
– 3 spurts of Worcestershire Sauce
– 1/4Cup/50mL yoghurt (you can vary the ratio of this to the mayo according to how rich you wish it)
– 1/4Cup/50mL mayonnaise
– at least 50g (I prefer more) of your favourite firm blue cheese, crumbled or cut into 1 cm cubes

The method:
This is best done completely by hand using a spoon or fork, in my opinion, as a machine or another tool homogenizes it too much to be interesting to the palate.

Put dry ingredients into clear bowl and mix.
Follow this by mixing in the garlic and Worcestershire Sauce.
Add the yoghurt and mayonnaise and mix until no dry ingredients remain on the sides or bottom.
Add the blue cheese and mix briefly.

Taste and make changes as you see fit.

3/4 cup but I often double or triple it depending on the number of people eating. It does keep for at least a couple days in the fridge (don’t know about beyond that as it never seems to make it that far).


1 thought on “Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing”

  1. This is the BEST blue cheese dip/dressing ever for anyone who truly loves blue cheese chunky goodness! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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