The best lunch in the World

I was on course for the past few days in Toronto and I took the train in on both days. The course was on SQL Performance Tuning and was quite interesting and I learned a lot. Blah blah blah. On the train I reflected on how much I hated commuting to Toronto when I was working there. I tried to recall the good with the bad but there wasn’t all that much on the good side. Some great people (like Donato and Cathy and Peter), yes. Some great times. But those friends I made I will likely always have. And the times keep on turning up great every now and then. But the one thing I really miss? Well that has to be Mustachio’s Eggplant on Foccacia sandwiches with tomato sauce and hot peppers. Now you may say, those who haven’t tried it I mean, “Eggplant?” “Gross!” I admit that I’m not crazy about eggplant myself. But Oh man. It’s the best lunch in the world.
I only have 30 minutes for lunch so I rushed down there on Monday… no luck. You see? It had been too long and I had forgotten that the market wasn’t open on Monday’s. Doh! But I went back today and oh! I sat in a small park in the sun and ate the best sandwich in the world. Ambrosia for lunch! Still crazy good after all these years!
Extremely Highly Recommended.


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