The yellow horde
show themselves on our New Soil
alien that they are.
Roman Invaders!

Very little can eradicate
loads of 2000 seeds
per annum.
Bed Wetters!

Their thrice cursed
genetic loopholes
tap into our perfect greens.
Foreign Asexual!

Inviting toxic chemicals
still best dealt with
knife trickling white blood.
Rudest Ruderals!

Normally so calm
I rage long battles
with this … this salad.
Toothed Interlopers!

And as I see you vibrant green, bright yellow,
I have a thought that scares me.

Maybe I should stop alienating them
The white man, I am largely, not so rooted here either.

Respite is but a brief moment and my knife snicker-snacks!
It’s not alien… it’s just too damn aggressive!



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