The Prestige

Michael Caine (Cutter) opens this movie by introducing the 3 acts of a magic trick: The Pledge, The Turn and the third is, of course, The Prestige. The movie revolves around the rivalry between the young and ambitious magicians Roger Angier and Alfred Borden. One deadly mistake leads to a life long and equally mortal pursuit of each other’s throats and secrets. This is a very well put together film by Christopher Nolan (who also had Caine and Bale in Batman Begins) with much to be said for it. Hugh Jackman (Robert Angier), Christian Bale (Alfred Borden) and Scarlett Johansson (Olivia Wenscombe) round out an amazing cast. Two bizarre additions were David Bowie as Nikola Tesla and *Gollum* Andy Serkis as his assistant Alley. I never liked much of what Bowie has acted in before but I was very pleasantly surprised by his performance and Serkis’. They practically stole their scenes with Jackman.
Highly recommended but not for kids.


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