Georgian Manor, hard sells and pyramid schemes

My wife and I normally don’t respond to those enticingly free weekends away. Completely free they tell you… you only have to attend a sales pitch to buy in the world of dream vacations. Against our better judgment we swallowed the bait to go see the good life at Georgian Manor Resort in Collingwood. Putting aside the obvious allusion to P.T. Barnum I will say that my instinct was dead right. We didn’t get into the resort into late last night for reasons having to do with trying to get teenagers (and one preteen) packed into the car, ensure their newspapers were delivered, etcetera, etcetera.
We did enjoy the indoor pool (thought it was quite small and very old) and the kids enjoyed the cable TV, arcade and the buffet breakfast this morning.
But then it was our turn to pay the piper. The piper started out as a very nice woman who seemed sincerely interested in us. But she was trying to get us interested in their points system of enforced vacations. That’s why we were treated to the one night stay after all. She showed us a slick movie and some very nice suites (very different from the 2 bed hotel room with nowhere near enough room for the three kids and us). She showed us two different schemes for achieving their version of the ‘good life’. We could even ‘sell’ the names of friends to get more points (i.e.: the pyramid scheme). Then she showed the cheap version which would probably better apply to us. She called over an expert to show us an even cheaper way to make some of our dreams come true. And when we repeated our ‘no’ we got the hard sell from a crotchety old geezer who said he respected our decision but showed us yet another offer. An offer we’d be crazy to say no to. Then he smilingly insulted our choice of ‘no’ to our faces saying that the offer was gone if we walked out… that any future deal would be like a Lada instead of the Cadillac we had just turned down.
Perhaps Karen and I should have thicker skins. Perhaps we should learn to be more dissembling. But we certainly felt the condescension and didn’t like it one bit. We were so angry that we left even though we could have kept ‘trying’ the facilities for the rest of the day if we wanted. I was so angry I didn’t notice that they made our mistake on our bill and charged us for someone else’s breakfast. Why not add to the injury?
What they’re selling is the whole idea of ‘a vacation’. They want us to invest significant sums of money (over $200 a month) so we can have 1 or 2 or more weeks of the ‘good life’. And then there’s the indignity of taxes, user fees, and more (probably way more that we would learn about to our eternal dismay if we had been lulled into accepting their deal). Hey: everyone deserves a piece of that vacation dollar after all.
I do like the idea of a vacation that is done no matter what… it is good for the soul and for family life. But a plan that extends past 2050 is a little much. Every family has their own mine fields to chart a course through and few, in my opinion, can be so flexible. We can’t and we can’t afford it. There are so many ways we can spend what little excess income we may have. We bought an electric guitar on the way home, for example. That was one of our $200 payments (and more) but it was, in my humble opinion, a much better investment that going along with someone’s idea of what a vacation should be.
In the final analysis this whole scheme was a terrific waste of our valuable time and I’m sorry we were sucked in. We would have been much better off staying at home.

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  1. Karen says:

    Yes, Terry, it was a waste of our valuable time, but we made the most of it despite the time we wasted being educated about this sort of time share. You left out the part about, “Remember us and what you could have had, had you decided to sign the dotted line today, the next time you stay with one of our competitors’ hotels…” How he insinuated that we should have ‘done our work’ and ‘prepared to commit to such a good offer’ before even considering coming to their resort, like it was our loss and our fault for not ‘knowing that we should want this.’ I think, at that point, I could mentally see horns growing out of his elderly, sinister head! I mean, using blame and shame to manipulate people? Doesn’t work for kids, so why try it on full grown adults? And besides, we had nothing to be ashamed of. They called us. They asked us there. We followed through and they were the ones who were insulting! Talk about shooting himself in the foot! I mean, this man said he was the ‘builder’ of this place! Only a desperate person, perhaps someone who owes too much, who built too much, who went beyond their own means would bully and insult people into buying into their product this way. Should have yelled out, “Pyramid scheme!” in that ballroom filled with small identical tables, each bearing a couple accompanied by their own ‘owner/salesperson’ walking them through the ‘numbers’. Would have been worth it to see all the heads turn, and the ‘members’ like androids, simultaneously turn and escort us out! But, alas, or perhaps fortunately, I was too shocked by this man’s manner to respond at the time.

    Funny, how they gave us a small insufficient accommodation and only showed us the alternative, which could be all ours only if we signed on. Deliberate manipulation! Spooky how they had all these models/plans to renovate, worth millions, yet the present state of things was so ‘lacking’: a pokey pool, dinky ‘restaurant’ with terribly small coffee cups and one waitress, too busy removing dishes for refills, I mean, that’s just basic… I got the distinct feeling that our money was very important to them… more important than us, actually. That our friends’ money was important too, and that it could be advantageous for us to consider their friendship as a monetary benefit for ourselves and this organization, to whom, for one night stay, we should feel indebted. So, I don’t mind the insult so much coming from their desperation to ‘sign’ you for ‘just one vacation’, then ‘you’d see’. I’d rather keep our friends as friends, and not potential sources of income… vacation perks… Perhaps that’s why our friends have always remained so… perhaps we’d rather stay with them, when they ask, instead of selling them out for a pool, some temporary opulence… prestige… Yeah, I’m glad we kept our money, our integrity, our friends… and bought a guitar, instead! You bet!

  2. Joyce says:

    yeah – well I wasn’t so lucky. I purchased a timeshare from Georgian Manor in 2003 with promises of “keeping my costs” down. The salesman said – buy now and your increases will be minimal. Well we signed the contract and this past month received an invoice for our 2009 fees which was a 46% increase rather than the expected 3.5% increase. Their president Peter Levoy sent mail to owners to explain the need to increase the usage fee or impose a 900 + fee to cover energy and other operating costs. Hmmm – whatever happened to the contract. I am seeking legal assistance with this one. Anyone else in the same boat?

    • Kim Bugeja says:

      Joyce – sorry reading this a little late – I was in the same boat – I out right refused the increase and pointed back to the contract!! This is why the Georgian Manor is trying to convert everyone to points – to get you out of your original contract – I too bought in 2003 and still waiting for the 16 million dollar renovations!

    • Terry says:

      ‘We’re Bigger Together!’

      • Enzo says:

        Terry, you keep saying that we’re bigger together, but how does that help us if we’re all still in the same boat from which we want to get off???

    • Diane says:

      We’re still trying to find a way out of this. What’s even worse is they try to get you to go back and try to sell you another through the Canadian Discount Network. Warn everyone.

      • Ralph says:

        We are in the same boat…even though they broke the contact by increasing the fees more than 4% and did not do the million dollar renovations…we want to see these guys go down.

      • Ralph says:

        They tried to get us too…and wanted a credit card number…I refused to give it too them..and they kept saying oh but we won’t charge it to your room…what a scam. If there is a class action suit we would like to be part of it…want to see these pay for what they have done

      • Enzo says:

        Hi Diane, have you found a way out yet. I certainly would be interested in a class action lawsuit. Please let me know what your situation is now. Do you still want to get out or are you resigned.

    • Ralph says:

      Hello…any word on the law suit

    • Ralph says:

      yes we are as well. fees were increased by double…we’re done with these people

      • Ed Dupej says:

        I wish to join the law suit. Please contact me at

      • jhroberts01 says:

        I also want to join a class action lawsuit. Or start one. We signed an agreement for 12 years but now they tell us 44? We’ve never used it because it’s been impossible to book; we don’t ski.

      • Enzo says:

        I also want to join the lawsuit. The more of us join, the more effective we’ll be. Someone please let me know where we’re going from here. I hear a lot of people saying they’d like to start a lawsuit but How do we get started?

    • Enzo says:

      Joyce, I’m looking to form a lawsuit group. Your purchase was quite a few years ago. What happened with it? Did you get legal assistance already?

      • Joyce says:

        Hello Enzo. So much time as passed since my issues with Georgian Manor. If you read my post you probably saw that I was a member since 2003. we enjoyed the facility for a few years and then the email came to change to points (we did not do this) . We had a contract and we felt this would actually cancel the old contract and be replaced with one of their choosing. Therefore we did not go to points. So then we got the letter to increase our maintenance fees. I sent letters, emails and phoned. The short answer was that they felt they had the right to increase the fees and I disagreed. I hired a lawyer, he sent them a letter and then they responded with “we had a computer glitch”. However then I was stuck with the $500.00 lawyer fee so began emailing about reimbursement for that because obviously they did not pay attention until a lawyer was involved. After months of no resolution I told them to cancel my membership and that would satisfy me. So they agreed to cancel the membership. I did not ask for money and they certainly did not offer. Now we are not members and I needed to walk away for my mental health. I am so very sad for others because I friggn know how you all feel. The struggle you will have is so many contracts are different and I would think that is going to be a problem. I don’t need to be part of legal action at this point because I am not a member any longer. I feel your frustration and yes, I lost the 10,000.00 I spent initially.

  3. Michael says:

    I am in the same boat, Joyce…

  4. Michele says:

    I am also in the same boat. Note that the letter says that you can request that you regular fees be separated. Pay your maintenance + whatever % is in your contract. I have written a letter to Mr. Levoy and will cc my lawyer, I am asking for documentation of their financials from 2003 (when I signed up – there was suppose to be a 16,000 sq. ft. rec center built by 2007) … nada … I want to know where that money went. If you read the letter, it really doesn’t say you have to pay – because that would be a breach of contract. They are hoping that some of their members pay the fee without question … how many people received that letter … do the math … average $800×1000 gullible members (i’m sure that is low) = $800000. Won’t take long for them to bring in a few million.
    Anyway, I am sending them a letter asking to separate my fee, from the “special fees” … if they try to force me to pay it, i will definitely be looking into starting up a class action law suit against them.

  5. John S. 2008-12-7 says:

    I am in that boat too. I argued with them, took the contract there where its says the increase will never be more than 4% for me. I wrote down my costs for the next 20 years, they were not interested. They said if they don’t increase the costs they cannot afford to operate the place. I ask the same question when we signed up in 2005 there’s nice model showing a $16 m renovation. I was up there in the summer and nothing has changed.
    They put the pressure on and I finally paided the increased fees. If anyone starts a class action suit let us all know.

    • michelle says:

      Hello John; we are planning on creating a law suit…. please feel free to contact myself for further details.

      • dynamik says:

        Are abloe to get out of this scam? I got sucked in in 2010 and i need to get out now.

      • Pete says:

        I would like to be a part of that lawsuit also. I got presented a dream and it was all lies

      • Ralph says:

        Sois there a lawsuit…we would like to join in…thanks

      • Mary Darmanin says:

        Hi Ralph. Are you Karen’s husband? If so I’m in touch with Karen on FB already. Encourage people to join our fb group at Georgian Manor Timeshare!

      • Maria del Carmen Salazar Holguin says:


        How I can enjoin in FB?



      • Mary Darmanin says:

        Yes Maria. Search for GeorgianManor Timeshare and click on join

      • Enzo says:

        I am very interested in joining a group lawsuit. There more of us there are, the more powerful we will be. Someone please let me know how this is going and if we plan to meet to coordinate this. Thanks!

      • Enzo says:

        MIchele, I don’t have FaceBook, but I’d still like to join this lawsuit. How do I do this?

    • Enzo says:

      Hi John, your message is quite old so I don’t know what has happened to your situation. Are you still interested in joining a class action lawsuit or did you settle in some other way?

      • Kirk Delpino says:

        Enzo. i’m also interested, i lost money, never used this place and still being charged user fees or points fees, please help me get out. Kirk

  6. Joyce says:

    Hello GMR contract people.
    I did hire a lawyer – I did win. $500 dollars legal fees later I received notice that GMR had a computer glitch and it would be corrected. I will keep this letter as i am sure I will be going through this again in two years.
    The sad thing is we enjoy our stay at Georgian Manor it is just that these issues take away so much from the overall enjoyment. I am sorry I purchased and part of me hopes they do go under. It would be great if someone started up some communication forum so we could all keep in touch about these things.

    • Nargis Taylor says:

      I feel all of your pain – evry day. What a bunch of scam artist – especially Peter Levoy.
      How can we get out?



      • Enzo says:

        Hi Nargis. Are you still with this “Timeshare?” Are you still interested in getting out? I am, and am looking for others to start a class action lawsuit. Please let me know.

    • michelle says:

      Hello Joyce….. could I possibly get your lawyers name???? We are in the same boat; we are starting a lawsuit. If anyone is interested in exchanging information please contact myself!!!!!!!!

      • Joyce says:

        Please email me again with your personal email and/or phone number and I will contact you rather than through this format.

      • Virgil says:

        Hi Michelle/Joyce,

        Not sure how to leave contact info privately, since I thought I was leaving a personal message and it got posted on this wall! Anyways, I would like lawyer contact information to get rid of my timeshare, any tips would be appreciated.


      • Pete says:

        Please contact me I’m interested in getting a lawyer to sue these bastards.

      • Kirk Delpino says:

        iI am……

    • A. says:

      Hello Joyce,

      Yes, we are all working toward exposing the pyramid scheme by Georgian Manor resort and Tina Kyle. Stop all payments to Georgian Manor and contact Consumer Services and BBB. We are going to launch a class action lawsuit soon. You can contact me if interested at the email and you can get introduced to other that already got a settlement.

      • keith says:

        can you share name of lawyer?

      • Vlad says:

        Hi , can you email me your contact and the details of this class action lawsuit?

      • Ralph says:

        We are interested in the lawsusit

      • Enzo says:

        Hi. Have you started your class action lawsuit yet? Probably, I guess. What was the result? If not, I’m certainly interested in joining. If you have gone through it already, I’d really appreciate in knowing what the result was…so I know what to look forward to.

      • Barb says:

        We were called to go to a meeting to sell our timeshare back to them we are suppose to go on the 22 of January they said their will be a small fee

  7. Joyce says:

    Hello Nargis:
    2 years later – another over inflated invoice for maintenance payment. We did not move to points and we did not pay this bill. I did send letters for a year for reimbursement of my legal fees. We decided to give it back. I could not possibly sell this to someone else. I would not be able to sleep to unload this to someone knowing what they would face. I hope you sort this problem out so you can feel relieved.

    • Virgil says:

      Hi Joyce,

      We bought into the timeshare in June this year against our better judgement. I would like to get your lawyer’s contact info and get rid of the timeshare. Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated.


      • michelle says:

        Hi Virgil,

        We are looking at hopefully starting up a lawsuit against them. Maybe we could use each other as references; sometimes greater numbers do better!

        email me @

    • michelle says:

      Hello Joyce,

      Here is my email address; we can exchange phone numbers then.

      We are still VERY interested in a lawsuit against Georgian Manor. Hope to hear from you soon!


    • monika says:

      Hi My name is Monika I also have a problem with my timeshare and I am
      thinking about cancellation. Can you give me some advice as people how
      had already known some probably important information. I am new in
      Canada and I was misrepresented during presentation. pleas give me so
      contact information to lawyers who can deal with timeshare. I am
      really desperate.
      Thanks in advance

    • Yara says:

      Hi Joyce. My email is Please contact me I am also interested in starting a class action (if one is not commenced yet). Thank you. Yara

      • Enzo says:

        Hi Yara, This is more than a year later but I’ve finally had enough with these people also. I’ve decided to join a lawsuit also. Did you have any luck with your lawsuit? Has one started yet? I’d certainly like to join. Please let me know. Thanks.

    • Pete says:

      Please contact me I would like to join the lawsuit…

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Joyce, were there any repercussions in not paying your fees? How did you give it back? Was there no hope of getting your money back that you paid for the timeshare? I don’t know if I’m interested in just giving it back and losing $15,000. I’d be more interested in a lawsuit. Any thoughts???

    • Susan and Jake says:

      HI Joyce, I have a points time share with Georgian Manor since 2009 and I want out. I have an appointment to go up in October to Check out this discount services, apparently they charge you to get out , transfer fees etc. balony, is all I can say. Has anyone else had any information on this? Or is it another way to charge fees etc and keep you in the loop.

      • Jo says:

        Don’t get involved with Canadian Discount Network. They charge about $4000 to break the contract and then another about $8000 or $9000 to join them and “only $99 per year–cancel at any time. They said they would get the best deals through RCI, II, and other travel clubs. We tried to book our favourite resort in Weston, Florida and we could have booked the same resort ourselves through Expedia for the same price!!! –they did offer a back end refund of 10% when we returned from their offerred vacation! They said we would get at least 10% off the top and 10% when returning. They said their website had only 30% of their “deals” and had to book personally! Not so. We have been trying to have their rep call us for over a week and he hasn’t returned calls. We can’t get hold of anyone from CDM at Georgian Manor. They are in this together it seems and renting space there to sell their product. Not impressed!!!!!

  8. freddie says:

    wow are we ever glad we followed our instincts,we had tons of fun at blue mountain with the kids not a total loss,is this not illegal in some way ,or is it ok cause they are selling something??some one should start a facebook thingy or something..

  9. VC says:

    Well, it’s a belated effort and research to find out many websites including this one that other people have had issues with GMR’s inflated maintenance fees – this whole company is founded on a pyramid of fees! Just bought a vacation timeshare this summer and am doing what I can to cancel out of this contract, albeit outside the 10 days cooling period. Joyce, Michael, Michele, John, Nargis, Freddie, we should share emails. 46% on fees is obviously illegal. A Facebook page is a great idea, in fact I’ve created one “GeorgianManor Resorts” email is Please add yourselves and/or contact me, thanks.

  10. Tatiana says:

    So the scheme resurfaced…in 2002 something similar operated as Nitsua Marketing and they were selling stuff in nearby Cranbery Resort – same tactics. A mr. Austin was the boss and I heard the outfit went under and he went to jail. We bought (0ne year contract, broke even, more or less), and then bought a property in Blue Mountain resort…which I just sold at a terrible loss. And today I got the call from Georgian Manor. Irony of life! Scheme after scheme after scheme…. Something is very wrong here.

  11. keith says:

    I would be interested in a a lawsuit or lawyer reference? We were sucked into the RCI scam also. We pay $240 month for over a year now (plus deposit) and have never used it..14 more years to go … :(……..and now getting annual fee bills. I just want out and cut my losses now.

    • Joyce says:

      leave your email or phone number and I will contat youl

    • Michelle says:

      Hey Keith; I managed to get ahold of a lawyer in Hamilton. He definately said there is a way out of the contract; he sees this company all the time! As soon as we figure out our game plan Iwill send you his contact info.


      • keith says:

        thanks michelle….looking forward to some info!

      • timeshareproblems says:

        Can I also get any contact information to lawyers who deal with timehere. Please send me any info
        My email:

      • Ed says:

        keep me in touch.

      • keith says:

        contact info for lawyer?

      • Cindy says:

        Hi Michelle, I would love to get some information on the lawyer in Hamilton. I bought into this scheme in 2011. We were at the Georgian this week and they tried to buy out our timeshare and sell us another “vacation deal” My email is
        Thank you

      • Diane says:

        Michelle did you ever find anything that works. I know many that would do the same.

      • Enzo says:

        Hi Michelle, I realize it’s 3 years later and you’re likely not on this site any more but I thought I’d give it a try. Could you possibly send me a phone number and name for that lawyer in Hamilton? I need to talk to one to help me get out of this timeshare. They made many promises they didn’t keep.

      • Mary says:

        Hello Enzo, another group has been formed on Facebook named GeorgianManor Timeshare. You can just go on FB even if you are not on it, and see all the comments. One particular member is Karen McLaughlin who is very active in getting something going against Georgian Manor. She is also on this blog. The last comment she made was as follows:

        hello group…we have sent a registered letter to Peter Levoy stating our intentions…we will not be paying any more maintenance fees. They have lied to us and broken the original contract. I have spoken to a friend who cancelled his with a registered letter and he has not heard from them in 3 years. I also spoke to a few people who did get their contracts cancelled…I cannot give you their names, but was pointed in the right direction. If everycan send a registered letter asap…there is power in numbers….thanks

        I have a timeshare for which I paid $12,000 and would be interested in a lawsuit as well. But not sure how we can get this started. I guess we have to find a law firm that will take it up. Please let me know if you have made any headway.

      • Susan and Jake says:

        Oh, Michelle, please keep me posted on this as I want out too. 519-536-9196

      • Susan and Jake says:

        Hi Michelle, please add me into the loop with the lawyer. Thanks. Jake and susan

      • Barb says:

        Send it to me too. They want us to go to a meeting next week to “get out of our timeshare” and into something better. I’m going to cancel that!

  12. keith says:

    I have a lawyer looking into some of the false promises etc..hoping I can get out of this mess……he didn’t seem too positive , but will
    keep you posted. Only think keeps me in is a black mark on a credit report.

    • Hi I’m also looking for a lawyer who can help me to get rid of that s…. Please give me some contact information. I am desperate and need to sort it out very soon. Thanks

  13. Michelle says:

    i NEED ALL THE HELP i CAN GET AS WELL. i AM TRYING TO CANCEL. Any advise on what I can do. I signed up Aug 23, 2012


    • Michelle says:

      I have 2 friends who are lawyers, but don’t think that they do business law. They will know someone so I will get back to you asap.

    • Enzo says:

      Did you get anyone (legal) to help? Please let me know…I’m in the same boat!

  15. jsb says:

    Hi , wife and I got bitten as well last year , looking to get out of it. Any contact information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Enzo says:

      I know this is quite late so you’re probably not checking this site. But…in case you are….did you find anything? Did you get anyone? Please let me know/

  16. jsb says:

    VC – I read your post, and tried to link to the one you provided, but it won’t connect. Is there a facebook page, or way of contacting you? I think it is a very good idea for all of us to be in contact – safety in numbers and all…If people have found lawyers who are confident in fighting these people, we’d love to meet them, because we are currently in collections because we refused to continue to sap our finances to pay for this ‘vacation package’ once we discovered that there were annual fees about which we were never told. So many things we weren’t told, and three days after we signed the contract, my husband was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident and sustained extensive brain injury. One week after his accident, I broke my back. What a summer! In any case, we need this gone, and we are prepared to fight. A lawsuit ‘suits’ us just fine!

    • Enzo says:

      Hi jsb…did you find anything? Did you get anywhere? I’m in the same boat! Please let me know if there is/was a group and what (if anything) happened…PLEASE!

  17. Michellle says:

    To all who require help; please read! Companies like this are beaten by numbers! Myself and another couple plan on doing so. Extensive research has been done and we think we can do it. A lawyer will eventually be included but we plan on getting their attention first. We need to vocalize!!!!! WE NEED NUMBERS!!! Others have done it and they were able to get out of the contact. Yes, we can get out of the contract!!!!!!! Common people lets show em’ we aren’t taking this BS anymore! Contact myself at

    • Peter says:

      Hi Michelle!
      I am in the same boat too…I would like to join this fight. My e-mail is Any info would be appreciated. I would like to get rid of it a.s.a.p. Thanks

      • Enzo says:

        Hi Peter….did you get anywhere with this? What happened??? I’m just starting out. Any ideas…PLEASE!

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Michelle…I realize it’s quite late but I’m hoping this thing is still going on (I know….dream on) or at least that I can get some information on how to proceed. Please let me know if you got anywhere…PLEASE!

  18. Jason Clarmo says:

    My parents got sucked into their RCI points vacation scam, and would like help to get out of it. If anyone has any information please email me at , thank you.

  19. Michellle says:

    I am posting this as a group! We have a facebook page named “GeorgianManor Timeshare”. We have all been scammed into purchasing their memberships and they are unwilling to cancel the agreement even though they have broken numerous clauses in the Consumer’s Protection Act. We are recruiting as many members as possible; because numbers do make a difference. We have all sent letters to the BBB and to the Ministry of Consumer services. They were extreamly pleased that we had formed a group and were all sending complaints against this company. Many of us have tried to cancel the agreement on our own; this was unsuccessful…. as a group we can make a difference. We plan on making some noise; especially publicly…. newspapers and all television stations. There are too many individuals that have been taken advantage of; join the group and make a difference!!!! The service was terrible; the rooms smelt like smoke. We accepted a free two night stay as long as we sat in on their little 30 min presentation (this lasted 4 hours). This company has a D+ rating with the BBB. Don’t sign into this timeshare; they utilize every means to get you to sign. They keep saying that they are selling it as an investment…. it isn’t. Do a google search and see for yourself; there are hundreds to thousand of bad reviews on this company. Take the time to read up on them.

    • dynamik says:

      Hello Michelle, please send me more info. My email is I want to be part of the exit package

      • dynamik says:

        Georgian Manor Resort is feeling the heat and is moving close to tipping. But I noticed yesterday that Georgian Manor Timeshare Resorts facebook account was suspended. RHG is trying to block us from using social media to communicate. We need to still communicate with members also by personal emailing. Can you create another facebook page to spread the words? or do you want me to create one?
        We need to continue to post and monitor sites were we post. An investigation is eminent about the unscrupulous Scam perpetuated by Georgian Manor Resort and Tina Kyle.
        Please join the movement to expose Georgian Manor Resort and Country Club time share scam located in Collingwood.

      • Maria Salazar says:

        Please keep me in contact; I also have the same problem.

        I sent a letter requesting my money back to the resort; they denied so now I can send a letter to the consumers better bureau; I hope they can help me.

        I think if everybody do the same is going to be easier.

    • Sergiy says:

      Does this group still exist. If so any info as to how to join or cancel with RHG would be appreciated.

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Jason, did you get anywhere? I’m just starting out. I think the best plan is to get a class action lawsuit going. Please let me know what stage you’re at.

  20. Michellle says:

    Hey all just an FYI! I am hoping you all have made complaints to the ministry of consumer services because they have 14 complaints so far and may be taking legal action on Georgian Manor!!!! GET YOU COMPLAINTS IN ASAP OR RESUBMIT NEW ONES! The more people who voice themselves the better!

    • Carol says:

      Looking for information on how to contact the Ministry of Consumer Services. Thank you.

    • Michellle says:

      Michelle I posted the web link just a bit further down. Everything is step by step; send them all your documentation. The more people that send complaints in; the better the outcome for us all.

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Michelle, this is 2 years later! Am I too late? Please let me know what you suggest. Many thanks!

  21. Michellle says:

    send your complaint asap; they are meeting with the company in june!!!!!

  22. Sergio O. says:

    Hi there,

    My mom got dragged into this scam as well. They took advantage of her lack of English and now she is paying crazy maintenance fees. How can she get out of this ? Please let me know!!!

    Thanks for the info and the help!

  23. Steve says:

    Hey everyone, sign up to our facebook page for regular updates on what our members are doing to fight these guys. Georgianmanor Timeshare. We are standing up to these guys and the more people the stronger we are. If you would like to join our email list contact me at

    • Linda says:

      Linda- 2013-07-17
      We are not doing so well and we have not paid our maintenance fees for two year and now they are going to be put our name into the collection by Friday. Do any body know how bad can it get if you don’t pay?

      • Michellle says:

        Linda, send a complaint to the micistry of consumer services; trust me a few of our peeps have gotten out of their contracts and have gotten their funds back. Legal actions are pending;. I stopped paying them too; weirdly enough they still haven’t contacted me! I think they know the end is looming and they are trying their last few attempts to sucker any more cash out of us.

      • Tracey says:

        We are in the same boat. Just received a letter stating that we will be sent to collections.

      • Steve says:

        Our facebook page was shut down, so obviously we are getting some attention :) We have started a private group, contact me if you are interested in joining us fight back.

      • keith says:

        we have received our 1st 2 letters …..what happens next?


    • Enzo says:

      Hi Steve…I’m just starting out. Did you get anywhere? I’d like to join a group action but I’m not sure if I’m a little late. If so I’ll have to go it alone .

  24. Michellle says:

    If you don’t send a complaint to the ministry, nothing will be accomplished. Myself and our group members have been transfered to a “different” branch of the ministry which specialize in companies like these. Numbers make a difference; especially if a few of our members have gotten refunds and cancellations to their agreements. Add yourselves to our facebook group “GeorgianManor Timeshare”. A law suit is on it’s way for our complaints only. We have managed to make quite some headway. It’s worth a shot.

    • Chris says:

      Please send info about your group, we need to get out of this! We are vey interested in anything, including a class action plan

    • Boyd says:

      We did everything, letters complaints Ministry of Consumer Affairs has no power with them. Any questions or anyone still wanting to file a law suit let me know. I am interested. Boyd

    • Enzo says:

      Am I too late? What happened to you guys? Did you get anywhere???

      • Boyd says:

        Enzo we are still looking to find a lawyer – i want to take them to small claims court.

  25. Nick Evans says:

    Hi everyone I am in the same boat, been trying to cancel for a year now, they have filed with collections. I want to fight these guys too

  26. Kim says:

    We purchased our timeshare in 2003 – we are a family of 5. We purchased a 1 Bedroom to use every other year (odd year). At that time we paid $11,000.00. The usage fee was around $350.00. Purchasing this timeshare was a great investment into family vacations – not too far from home so no flying costs involved – Joining RCI also opened the door to travel with our children and not stay in hotel rooms – the problem I have with GM is the lies. This resort was suppose to go through major renovations that still have not been completed – I truly believe they have only 2 or 3 rooms that are totally redone the way the models were shown. In the 10 years (so 5 visits) we have only had one totally renovated room. The 1994 and 1995 Gold Crown stickers need to be removed from the doors – this is really embarrassing! I have had several family members visit us while at GM and probably could have sold some weeks as well but GM continues to let this property go down hill. They spent a fortune on the “hotel” rooms because they were a total disgrace. I too received the 46% increase to the usage/maintenance fees. I quickly wrote a letter to Don the president and pointed out the contract – took some (many e-mails) but this was adjusted accordingly. As the invoices must be a mast mail out – I continue to receive the wrong rate on mine. They desperately tried to have us re-invest more $$ to switch to the point system. I quickly did the research and the point system is great if you want to go somewhere else – being a RCI member enables us to go to several other timeshares in the world with extra weeks. If we would have changed to the point system this would have made our original contract null and void – therefore, GM could have raise the usage fee to what ever they wanted. I am so grateful I did the homework.

    I love that we bought a timeshare – I just want to see the resort improve!! My boys love it up here! My eldest is now 21 and he comes from Toronto to visit while we are here, my 18 year old and 13 year old came this year and the 18 year old gave me a hard time but once he was here was glad that he was. I look forward to the following years and only wished that it was a deeded timeshare (transferrable to family a the time of death usually a 99 year deed) – unfortunately I didn’t understand the concept back then and can only use until 2044.

    We have met wonderful families at GM and look forward to seeing them when we come back – so if you have children trust me this is the best way to have a vacation – not much of a vacation for the Mom’s – but the children do love coming up here!!

  27. Steve says:

    Our facebook page was shut down, so obviously we are getting some attention :) We have started a private group, contact me if you are interested in joining us fight back.

    • keith says:

      im in!

    • ke russ says:

      im in. Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2013 01:18:37 +0000 To:

      • Sergiy says:

        Same boat too! signed on in 2003 and used it as an exchange once in the 10 years we have had the time share. we have tried to get out of it several times and they refused and said that they would send us to collection so we have been paying for nothing! Just emailed Steve…wondering if I’m too late. Please send any info as to what our next steps would be. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

      • keith says:

        I am currently in collections….

      • Sergiy says:

        Sorry to hear that….

    • LIz Lang says:

      Where do things now stand with your group. My husband and I are trying to get out of our contract as well but realize to try so on our own is a waste of time.

    • Cindy says:

      I would like to join.

      • Andrea says:

        Joined in 2003 and have a weeks membership that provides 1 week every two years. We pay approximately 700 every two years for a two bedroom. We just received a call from the Georgian Manor advising that they have made changes and want us to come up. According to the rep 50% of the people have gotten out and 50% have elected to accept the change and stay with a new program. We have a contract that we signed and while they tried to have us move to the points system we refused to do so. Interested in what is happening with others.

      • Enzo says:

        Cindy…I would like to join your group? Am I too late? Are you still trying??? Please let me know…THANKS!

  28. Nicole says:

    I am in the same boat as everyone else. I have been told I am not able to cancel. I have stop all payments and thanks to dynamik. I have contacted the bbb and consumer protection waiting for a reply. Glad I am not in this alone.

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Nicole…how did it go? I’m afraid I’ll be in the same boat soon. Any suggestions???

  29. Peter says:

    Hope we gonna be able to shut them down. How is allowed for them to still operate, it blows my mind.Their owners must be from Sicily:)

  30. Vlad says:

    Hi all,

    Guess we are in the same boat… I purchased the points membership from these scamheads, at Georgian manor in 2010, but was always suspicious about everything they’ve said. We were new to the country and it turned out very easy for them to fool us with the promises of the goose carrying golden eggs. They lured my wife and myself into the contract saying that I could sell it afterwards for profit or rent out the points – a lie, cause they worth nothing and I was not able to sell or rent it out, they lied again on a matter of RCI, that I can redeem the points for flight tickets and it turned out that RCI can redeem only a small percentage of it, ridiculous $150-200 dollars when my flight tickets to Europe is over $1,500 which was the main reason for me to buy this, as we often travel back to Europe to our home country. Long story short, they lied on many topics, not saying about that the contract is for 50 years etc. I tried to cancel it after a year, but they threatened me to take the file and go to credit agencies and ruin my credit standing or send it to the credit collections. Finally I was so fed up with them that I decided to stop all payments and sent complaints to Financial Services and BBB. I also sent mails to the major Canadian credit agencies. They in turn sent my file to the credit collections. Right now I am waiting for the reply from BBB, but talked to the lawyer as well, as there is no way I am paying for nothing and putting my hard earned money down the drain. These people does not have any conscience, as I spent over 10K on their contract and still they are calling , harassing and demanding more money… If you people are going to start a class action let me know and I will gladly join to pool up our resources and information. My email is:


    • keith says:

      go to Ministry of Consumer Services and fill out a complaint and mail to them. after BBB….next step.

    • Ralph says:

      Yes a total scam…we’re in for lawsuit

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Vlad…I imagine you’re not still checking this site but, just in case…I’m in the same boat. Did you get anywhere??? I’m just starting out….any suggestions as to how to proceed?

  31. Vlad says:

    Thanks Keith. What frustrated me more – I called the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services legal branch last week and they told me that they would not help, that I had 10 days to cancel and after three years in contract with RHG and throwing money down the drain, they even don’t know if it is possible to bring a lawsuit against them. They gave me the phone number for the Law Society of Upper Ontario and advised to talk to a lawyer. The governmental institutions in this country are useless… I talked to a lawyer and he said that I have three options – to wait and see if credit bureau of collections will call and I will show them a middle finger, saying that I am not paying anything ever and tell them to sue me, the second option is more aggressive – counter-sue them and demand contact cancellation and the money paid to be returned, the third is to continue paying to those scambags, which I said under no circumstances I am going to pay these crooks anything. I stopped paying and sent cancellation demand letter to them back in August, sent letters to the major Canadian credit bureaus, to BBB (and they have opened a case), and to the Ontario Financial Services. I was going to file a complaint with the Ministry of Consumer Services but after the last week’s conversation with them over the phone, I am not sure if it will make any difference, if they don’t give a damn… Anybody has any experiences similar to this? what else can I do? I am willing to join any group to bring the justice and fairness on this matter to where it belongs. Please share the information.

    • ke russ says:

      I would still file complaint with Consumer services. Multiple complaints on file may send up some red flags and help others. I stopped paying last year and now into collections. Let them take me to court! Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 00:35:55 +0000 To:

      • Vern says:

        What ever happened?

      • Enzo says:

        Yes, same question…Whatever happened? I’m just starting out and imagine will be in court soon. I have absolutely no intention of paying them. I have been since 2004 and they have made insignificant changes…not at all what they promised! I will go to court. I don’t plan on going there every second year for the rest of my life!!!

    • Liza says:

      I was a member of RHG Vacation Club since August 2011 until we moved to Saskatoon on June 2008. I ask them for the cancellation of my membership thus I can no longer take advantage of their club’s amenities and find the dues to be frivolous if I’m not going to use the membership. I informed them twice regarding on this matter and they told me that there is no cancellation policy and if I refuse to pay they will have my credit information and report it to credit bureau, therefore its my obligation to pay them in full amount of the remaining balance.

      We have in the same boat. I sent a letter to BBB and consumer protection and told me that they can’t help because my agreement was formed more than 2 years before they received my information. Thus I have to call the Law Society of Upper Ontario if I need help or advise.

      From BBB response: Your concerns appear to relate primarily to a contractual issue. As we do not have the authority to obtain reimbursement or to settle any contractual dispute between two or more parties on behalf of a complainant, we cannot offer further assistance.

      Did credit bureau called you? I just joined GeorgianManor Timeshare (facebook). I am interested in joining fight back.

      • Enzo says:

        Any results Liza??? Did you get anywhere? What did you do??? Please let me know. I want to end this thing once and for all!

  32. Vlad says:

    Anybody got the contract cancelled and had his money returned via the small claims court? Anybody knows the name of a good lawyer?

  33. Joanne says:

    Should I even attend the 2 night deal !!!??? Have had it on back burner for a while .
    Deadline is end of March 2014 ….is it worth it ??

    • Michelle says:

      It is a free trip; but you have to attend their presentation. Leave your wallet in the room and don’t sign the contract at any expense!!!!!!

  34. Krissy says:

    My parents got sucked in to this stupid thing about 8 years ago. I was so mad when they came back from the presentation to tell me they bought into this “vacation opportunity” . Now they are sucked into the RCI points/weeks thing I dont really understand – I personally do not want to be left with this commitment after they pass. I was reading online you can do a Donate to the Cause and give the timeshare away to a Charity and you get a tax receipt for a charitiable donation. Has anyone been able to get rid of this thing?

  35. Tom says:

    Maybe this can be a win-win. As I actually want one of these timeshares. So if you want out email me at . But I will only contact those who give lots of details. I’m interested in staying one week at Georgian Manor, either every other year or every year. And paying roughly $600 for each stay. Or is this impossible?

    • Tom says:

      We are now buying at another resort, so can’t handle another. So no longer interested in Georgian Manor. Hopefully others will be though, and I encourage them to post here.

  36. Gay Franklin says:

    my husband, now deceased and I bought into this back in 2001 when we paid $20,000 for the timeshare weeks, usage fee to exchange $199 and condo fees $350. we paid membership up for 10 years.
    We got a vacation for around $1,000 a week with our flight.
    NOW, we are renting what we bought for over 3 grand minus flight!
    Never was it to increase in payment only in value, ya right!
    We tried to sell three times and got scammed another several thousand. I was told I couldn’t GIVE it back and it goes into my estate!
    I don’t want anyone burdened by this!
    I’m too old for all this and don’t even use myself.
    I want OUT!!

    • Lou says:

      My situation is similar to yours as yours Gay. Have you had any success getting your contract cancelled.

      • Mary Rose says:

        I spoke with Nicole recently of the Georgian Resort Group and she offered me a good deal to get out of the contract. Please contact her.

  37. Joyce says:

    I cannot believe they are now asking for useage fees on top of the condo fees already paid. It just goes from bad to worse. I am sure it is out of contract conditions but there will be fight after fight. This is what takes away from the whole vacation experience there. Glad I am done with them.

    • Michelle says:

      I have had aost the exact experience. This has cost me so much, but so much was happened already when I got coercised into buying. I have no income and in process of divorce.

      Please advise

    • LIz Lang says:

      Hi Joyce, Did you manage to get out of your contract?

      • Joyce says:

        Hi Liz. Yes I got out of the contract. However I did not get any money back so my initial cost was 10,000 and I had it for 7 or 8 years and enjoyed most of that time. I had a lawyer involved but that was about the rising costs out of my contract. Remember that many of the contracts are different. I never went to points so my original wording would hold up. However even that cost me about 500. Then I was a pain in the backside to them as I was hounding for my legal costs back because they could not “up” my maintenance but they would not listen to me. So time went on and finally they did release me but again I received no money. At tht point I didn’t care anymore. My mental health was worth more that the money.

  38. Edawna says:

    I am interested in what’s been happening lately as were are in a similar situation and want out. My email is

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Edawna…I know it’s a year later but I’m trying everything I can. I will join a class action suit. Have you had any results? Any suggestions???

  39. Hal Arthurs says:

    Hi, please add me to the list of unhappy (I want out) “owners”… My wife and I have never been able to use this. email

  40. Hal Arthurs says:

    We have been contacted by :The Canadian Discount Network,” they claim to be the new owners of the Georgian Manor… any word on this group? Can you give us a heads up?

    • Club Services says:

      Hi Hal: Candian Discount Network is not the new owners of the resort. They are renting out our sales floor. They have no offices on property. RHG Vacation Club and the Levoy Brother still own the property. We will be here for many years to come. If you would like any information please contact us at

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Hal, I’m just starting out, so I’d be interested in talking to you. I’d like to know where you stand now…have you been getting any action. I have absolutely no intention of paying any more! I have been doing so since 2004 and will do so no longer. I will go to court if I need to! Their promises were great but the results were extremely poor! Please let me know how you made out. Maybe we can form/join a class action group!

  41. Peter B says:

    We have been contacted by CDN, for having us come up and “see they option”. Basically is another crap they want you to buy for 10’s of thousands(depends how good of negotiator are you) and for 99$ annual free (frozen fee) you can travel at discounted price as much as you want, whenever you want. Here is the catch: They want you to call them when you book, because “they can get better deals” when you call, rather then what you are able to see online at their website. To me this is another trick, which enables them to play with the prices.You are able to check online see what others offer, but have to call them to book to get the “deals”.
    So, in top of what I payed already (11,000$ at sign up, plus the maintenance fees of 700$ every other year) they wanted another 15,000 to get out. Where is the deal on that? How much do I need to travel to recoup all of that money?
    Either way, the only way out of GMR is to buy CDN and pay 99$ yearly for trips.

    • Club Services says:

      Hi Peter: We are part of the Georgian Manor/RHG Vacation Club. The only way out is not CDN. we do have options through Club Services which you are able to contact and we would be happy to work with you to cancel your membership. You can reach us at

    • Susan says:

      We went to a presentation by DTravellers and Get me out of Timeshare. We were foolish enough to give them a cheque for 1800.00. Within 24 hours we came to our senses and contacted the company to cancel the agreement. We have still not been refunded our deposit and when we called DTravallers the recorded message stated that they have gone out of business and are declaring bankruptcy. Does anyone have any ideas on what we can do next? I am pretty sure the $1800 is gone for good.

  42. Barbara dombrower says:

    Can you contact me at bdomb@bell .net
    I have

    just been contacted by them regarding my membership. I need some advice thank you

    • Club Services says:

      Hi Barbara:

      If you need any advice on your membership please contact us at clubservices as we are here to help.

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Barbara…what happened? What did you do? Please contact me and I’ll tell you what I’m doing.

      • Barb says:

        We haven’t gone to the meeting yet we are going to cancel the meeting after reading all the posts what do you suggest

  43. Mary Darmanin says:

    I bought a Georgian Manor timeshare and need help to get out of it. If there’s a class action lawsuit i would like to be a part of it. This timeshare does not make and sense anymore and i nave another 35 years to go.

  44. Ed Dupej says:

    I am in the same sinking boat with Georgian Manor. Bought 1 bedroom in 2003. Stupid “upgrade’ to points in 2009. Want out also. Would like to join the group. Please contact at

  45. Mary Rose Darmanin says:

    Hello Barbara, I was invited to the same deal/offer by CDN about a month ago. Same thing – they wanted another $10,000 from me to get out of the timeshare. Does not make sense! I’m not dishing out another cent.

    I called the membership office a week later and they told me that a lot of members are asking to opt out. They are now giving members the option to pay some $2,500 to cover legal fees etc to cancel the contract and you will be free of all obligations.

    Do you think this is a good deal to get rid of this nonsense or have you guys come up with something better??

    You may email me at

    Thank you
    Mary Rose

    • AC says:

      Did you go with that option? To pay $2,500. I don’t see why it costs that to get out of a contract. I was there today to meet with GMR. They tried to re-scam me for 11 K and in return I would get their CDN $99 a year. During the beginning they were all dissing RCI. Of course, one of them was the origiinal sales agent. They all claim, oh it was not us, it’s them. No, it’s GMR. This is no different to selling phoney modelling courses. Remember those people who were charged with fraud in the late 90s? The lady went from 11 K and then went as low as 9 K to get out of the contract. To me, that seemed fishy.

      • Mary Darmanin says:

        Hi Barbara, I went for that presentation a couple of months ago and same thing, they asked me for 10K. I counter- offered 5K and they of course would not hear about it. I haven’t paid the $2500 either. I asked them if i could use my own lawyer to reduce the fee and they did not answer my email. I wish the government would regulate these scams and do something about it. I guess we’re stuck eh?

      • Club Services says:

        Hi: We are part of Georgian Manor Resort/ RHG Vacation Club. CDN is a totally separate company that is renting out our sales floor as we are no longer selling membership. We do not know what they are selling, all the sales reps are now employees of CDN and not the Georgian Manor/RHG Vacation Club. If you are upset with the membership please contact us at or call us at 1-888-377-6999 and we would be happy to assist you..

      • Mary Darmanin says:

        Well GMR you should be concerned what they are selling. It is absurd to ask someone who is trying to get rid of their timeshare 10k to get out of it? Don’t you think??

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Mary, I’m in practically the same boat! I just paid more ($15,000) for the timeshare, and was told I could get out for $3,000. I have never heard of such nonsense! I’ve never paid close to that in legal fees neither to purchase or sell a home!!! Please contact me at to let me know how you’re doing with this. I’d be very interested in joining a class action lawsuit!

      • Mary Darmanin says:

        Phoenix LeeSeptember 12 at 7:30pm Questions – 
        1) Who is interested in commencing legal proceedings against RHG/Georgian manor? 
        2) Has anyone started legal proceedings yet? 
        3) Is anyone willing to write an affidavit that is specific to the sections of the unfair practices in the Consumer Protection Act that we can all use or share? Were not going to get anywhere unless we take them to court. 
        Please contact me if anyone is interested.    

        Hi Enzo, this genleman has been posting on facebook web page. Perhaps you would like to contact him.

  46. Club Services says:

    Hi Mary, We are part of Resort Holiday Group/Georgian Manor Resort. If you are upset with the membership please e-mail with your frustrations or call us at 1-888-377-6999 and we would be happy to work with you. You mention Canadian Discount Network they are not a part of Resort holiday Group. CDN is renting out our sales floor. We are not affiliated with them

    • Mary Darmanin says:

      I already contacted your office by phone and email. Not only did i have to pay a fortune for this membership, plusmy membership to RIG, which is compulsary and i also had to pay an exchange fee of $260 this year to book a hotel in Orlando. We haven’t started yet and I’ve already dished out close to $1100, not including the food and flight to get there. Now you are asking me to pay you $2500 to get out of the deal and not getting 1 penny back for the money i originally paid you, so you can go and sell it again to another innocent, gullible idiot like me and many others. I talked to my friends who are with ICE and they get better deals with them than what RCI have to offer, not to mention they also get reward points for future trips. Anyways the whole thing is just not practical anymore because i can never find anything available on RCI to match/exchange my timeshare no matter how early i deposit my week!

      • Club Services says:

        Hi Mary: We are no longer selling membership. We are maintaining are only looking after the members we have. As we are no longer selling membership we are able to work with our current members a lot more. We do have different options then RCI. We are more then happy to work with you. If you would like I can give you a call to go over these options. Without offering the $2,500 walk away fee. If not that is OK as well. I am not a sales person and I will give you the truth. I have work in Club Services since 2008 and would be happy to work with you. Please let me know if you would like me to give you a call just to hear the different options.

      • Mary Darmanin says:

        I will give this another chance to see what else you have to offer me. You may call me in the evening after 5pm.
        Thank you

      • Enzo says:

        Hi Mary, are you surprised that it’s now September and you still haven’t gotten an answer to your question?

    • Hal says:

      Club Services,

      I was just at Georgian Manor this past week.

      Just a heads up, The Canadian Discount Network is telling people during their presentation that they ARE affiliated with you, and that YOU asked them to come because of the numbers of disgruntled members.

      Not only that, in their presentation CDN clearly states that Resort Holiday Group gets a cut of every program they sell to ‘get people out of their timeshare’. That sounds like you are more than affiliated. It sounds like you are cut a deal.

      If you are not affiliated, then why are you willingly sending time share members, to a group renting your sales floor, whose sole mission it is to help people get out of their timeshare by paying more money?

      I don’t know who responds to these on behalf of Georgian Manor, but it isn’t fair not to be honest. You see the hurt and anger in these comments. Just as common courtesy, from one human to another, you should really try to be honest. It goes a long way.

      • Mary Darmanin says:

        Nicely said! Couldn’t agree more! These people gave ni soul!

      • Enzo says:

        EXCELLENT QUESTION HAL! If you are not affiliated, then why are you willingly sending time share members, to a group renting your sales floor, whose sole mission it is to help people get out of their timeshare by paying more money?
        I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR YEARS AND NOTHING SIGNIFICANT HAS BEEN DONE TO THE RESORT. I WILL NO LONGER! If you have not resolved your situation and care to join me in a class action suit please let me know!

    • Susan says:

      What can you tell me about CDN?

      • Mary says:

        Susan I have emailed club services and have yet to receive a response. If CDN is only renting, how did they receive my personal information and why were we invited to have a meeting with them only to get sucked in to another contract and pay more fees? I would like my membership cancelled immediately at no cost before I seek council. Please mail me a confirmation that everything has been cancelled. Mary

      • Joellen Bodkin says:

        We ended up paying just over $12,000 to get out of our contract to Georgian Manor and be part of the Canadian Discount Network!!!!!

        We are seniors and didn’t want to have our kids saddled with the maintenance fees for the remainder of our contract.

        We believed CDN when they were on Georgian Manor property and when they called to invite us, they said they were calling from Georgian Manor, that they were associated with Georgian Manor. They said they were a travel company associated with the American Discount Network, but we have yet to see any discounts on properties by e-mail or phone that would benefit us.They told us we would have access to their site in a few hours, but we had to chase them down and ask the office why we did not have access.–first mistake, we should have been suspicious then.

        By the time we got home, it was the weekend and we were busy–and by they our few days to reconsider under law had expired. Our main reason for signing with them was that they said we were under contract to Georgian Manor for the remainder of our fifty year contract and that our kids would also have to continue it, paying the yearly maintenance fee which always goes up. We were also disgusted with the maintenance of the pools, and facilities. They had promised many upgrades, etc. They had talked up their Travel Club by saying that they had access to the inventory of RCI, and II as well as many others. They also talked up their “deal” that we could expect discounts of thirty percent up front and thirty percent on return from the vacation.

        With my access to RCI, I am able to get special deals on weeks and last minute deals, etc. CDN never emails us any deals. They said they could match any other deals. I found a one Bedroom condo at a resort we like in Florida, and asked them for a quote. It took three Days to receive the quote and it was exactly the same as I found on Expedia.

        I am very frustrated!!!


        Sent from my iPad


      • Mary says:

        Sorry Susan I just realized I sent that message to the wrong person. It was supposed to be directed to club services

      • Susan Hall says:

        We are out $1800.00 and I feel so foolish. We really should have paid attention to the red flags. I hope you didn’t give DTravellers or CDN any money. As recently as this morning I called DTravellers and got a recording saying they went out of business and filed for bankruptcy. I called the same number a second time from a different phone and got a message saying, “You have reached DTravellers, we are unable to take your call right now. Please leave your name…..”
        Clearly, they have blocked our home number. This is so very frustrating.

  47. Club Services says:

    Hi Mary: Our club services team is here Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. I do get in early and can call you before 9 am. However I am not able to call after 5 pm as I have to pick my daughter up from daycare. If you are not available in the morning, you can e-mail me directly after 5 pm and I will answer your e-mail in the morning as soon as I get in.

  48. Boyd says:

    Nicole from Club services -How do we cancel the membership

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Boyd…did you get an answer? I’m in the same boat. If it costs me nothing I’ll consider it. Otherwise I’ll go to court. Please let me know.

  49. Ed Dupej says:

    Still waiting Nicole of Club Services on our options.

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Ed… I think you’ll be waiting a long time. Please contact me at and maybe we can join forces with others to fight this and get our money back.

      • ed dupej says:

        Enzo, I contacted RHG last June via phone. They offered me a $3100 fee to buy out. Sent them a response email last June to give them an other chance at a reasonable offer. no response. I am in on the law suit. I will contact you via your email.

  50. Karen says:

    Just got sucked into this scheme too!! Didn’t buy into it though!! What a waste!! Told us they would buy our Georgian manor time share and when we got there they did the whole talk and then asked us for 16,900 to get out of our timeshare!! Total scam!!

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Karen….YES, an ABSOLUTE scam! I’ve been ion it since 2004 still waiting to see the major reconstruction! I will pay no longer! Please contact me at and maybe we can join forces with others to fight this and get our money back.

  51. Hal says:

    We were called to Georgian Manor to come spend time with a special member services person to be educated on our time share and understand how to use our membership better. This happened last week, the beginning of August 2015.

    Upon arrival to the ‘consultario’ my wife and I soon realized we were in another sales pitch from a company I’d never heard of called Canadian Discount Network.

    They told us that Resort Holiday Group asked them to come and address the numbers of disgruntled and unhappy members they had. They said they, CDN, surveyed RHG members and found that 96% were unhappy with their membership and they wanted to help.

    They said that RHG has asked them to be on site, for the last year and a half, and that RHG gets a percentage of every sale they make to convert people to a new solution to the time shares problem. They said RHG has stopped selling timeshares and it looking to get out of the timeshare business, and is willing to let people out of their contracts ‘without pentality’ IF they sign up with this new network. They said there would be an additional cost, but that on top of the travel benefit to the program, you are then given a letter (we were shown a copy) that your contract is terminated with RHG and no more maintenance fees are to be paid.

    They showed the benefits and features of the service, calculated the equity that our current time share is worth and gave us a balance. It was the same today only offer situation, and high pressure sale tactics.

    We were told though they can’t control maintence fees and assessments, as they are not RHG, but one look at construction and the very fact they are on site to release people from timeshares, indicates the further increases are coming.

    Once you decline their service, you sign a paper that states ‘you are happy’ with your timeshare. That something else was offered, you declined and that you are happy. There is no other line that communicates you are unhappy and unwilling to join this group. In hindsight I wish I had not signed that document in case it is ever used against us.

    While I appreciated knowing that RHG is getting a percentage of the $ CDN charges (shows the true lack of ethical business practice on the part of RHG) essentially, they are getting YOU to pay to get out of your timeshare.

    I’m very concerned about what this signals for those of us who own. My wife and I have come to the conclusion that eventually the timeshare members are going to be pushed out, like what has happened to other timeshare owners in Ontario. We have friends who walked away from their timeshare obligations, after years of battle, without penalty or collections, because the owners wanted them gone anyways. For those fighting with RHG maybe this is a light at the end of the tunnel, I’m not sure.

    If RHG is willing to let another company come in and terminate their guaranteed reoccurring revenue (our maintence fees) there must be something else going on behind the scenes.

    I’d like to connect with someone in this group to understand more of what is happening with thus lawsuit. And find out if anyone else has had the same information shared with them.

    To whoever is following up with this from Member Services, I understand it’s your job, but let your conscience be your guide. You know the the truth is not fully being told. There are half truths and missteps with all the communication that is happening. Try and find a sense of common humanity and be honest with us. Many of us are long time members, growing in age, and you know in your heart the product we bought is no longer the same product.

    • Moody says:

      Hi Hal, what you have just said is exact ally what happened word to word with us today. We bought this in 2008 and never get chance to use it due to most commonly shared reasons including points exchange rate, non availability etc. we also refused to take CDN membership as I don’t want to pay dime for nothing but I want answer when that million dollar upgrade will be ending. Usually in five years some companies launch their business become successful if lucky and offer more benefits to their shareholders. If not so lucky sold to someone and that will take you as an honourable member as they paid huge amount to own that big establishment. Few business may fail and file for bankruptcy. But here in RHG is totally new game going on. Time share value they mentioned next door jumped up to 30k higher than it real price. Now what on earth I would believe my share which I paid 15000 now valued only 6k . Plus that new CDN is there to help us with new loan on our credit. That same old guy I remember him from my last meeting walk to us today with stick say good bye as we refuse to accept their scam. I do want to fight back, and will take these kind of people to the court so they don’t scare or scam new comers Canadian like me . Govt should regulate these people.

      • Enzo says:

        Totally agree with you Moody! I refuse to pay anymore also!!! If there is enough support, would you be interested in joining a class action lawsuit??? Please let me know. Contact me at Thanks!

    • Enzo says:

      Hi Hal, I have the outmost respect for what you have stated. You sound very sincere and honest, and I greatly admire this! Unfortunately, you have made the same mistake as a lot of other people, however. The people whom you have addressed depend on this for a living. I have been paying since 2004 and am extremely tired of waiting for the exciting improvements which they promised…I AM TIRED…NO MORE!!! If you wish to start.join a class action lawsuit please contact me at Thanks

  52. Enzo says:

    I purchased the timeshare quite awhile ago (2003 I believe) and have been paying ever since. There were promises of major renovations at that time but nothing noteworthy to date. I am tired of paying for nothing ever since! AND I WILL NOT!!! NO LONGER!!! The maintenance to date is outrageous and anyone is a fool ifI they even pay the rent required to cover the maintenance! I will very happily join anyone else in a lawsuit against these people!

  53. Mary says:

    We have a points program for 50 years and want out because the fees keep going up. The contract was purchased in 2009. CDN tried to get $5099 out of the contract. If anyone has a way out of this please contact me at

  54. doug says:

    i recently got sucked into joining CDI cancelled next day but cant get my 12000 back given run around do not join just another scam

    • Joyce says:

      Doug, you call a lawyer. You have a legal cooling off period to quit or cancel a timeshare purchase. Google it. Get on itbimmediately.

  55. Marilyn McCallum says:

    Joyce, We got stuck in 2012. When we tried arguing about opting out during the cool off period we were told the time had expired (unfortunately during that time we were dealing with a sudden death in our family). Since we have only use the Georgian Manor facility. Base on the sales pitch back then we’ve decided that we want out this year. When I called the office this morning, I was told that I would need to pay $3,100 and walk away or try to sell the shares my self with their approval of the buyer. Why would we try to sucker someone into what we do not believe was a good deal. I would love to get in touch with the lawyer you used.

    The money spent paying for membership fee etc could be better used for accommodation in other places. Help

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