The incident of the cameo and the soapy dry ice

There was a time. Long ago. When my wife was asked by a coworker at the Dartmouth Regional Library to audition for a musical being put on by the Dartmouth Players. Long story short: she not only gets the part but she gets the lead. Did I mention she’s an amazing singer. Well she is.
So the play is called Lady Audley’s Secret but that is another story… a theatrical one.
At one point in the play one of the male actors is presented with a cameo picture of Lady Audley. As a joke the stage manager replaced the silhouette of a girl with a newspaper cutout of a ghoul. The actor, who had the reputation of taking himself a little too seriously at times, was visibly shaken by the shock of the ghoul during a performance. When this was explained to me I’ll admit I thought it was very funny but this actor didn’t quite get the joke.
He was determined to get back at the stage manager. So he spent a significant amount of time experimenting with soap and water to mix with dry ice. Dry ice was being used at one point in the show to provide fog for dramatic effect at one point during the play. Well… on the final performance our intrepid actor (and amateur chemist) added his soap mixture and the fog was considerably less animated than normal. It looked like oozing puss moving slowly onto the stage. Every now and again a bubble would burst expelling a small pocket of fog. The stage manager was very upset although most of the audience couldn’t even see the problem.
And yes… I thought that also was exceedingly funny.


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