Twilight Zone: the Movie

This movie was made in 1983 so my review comes a tad late but… what the heck. I borrowed the DVD from the library and enjoyed it very much. There is an introductory prologue (with Dan Ackroyd and Albert Brooks) and then 4 segments with Dan Ackroyd reprising at the end of the 4th segment.
To start off with, the prologue was a nice blend of comedy, horror and suspense.
The 1st segment about the just desserts of a hate-filled and prejudiced man was directed by John Landis and I didn’t find it all that interesting. It was OK… just not particularly fresh even though this is the one section that I don’t think is a remake of one of the original stories.
The 2nd is a remake of one of my favourite episodes: “Kick the Can”. It was an interesting extension of the original Serling show where some of the old folks choose to stay old and the instigator keeps moving on to share the possibility. This was skillfully directed by Steven Speilberg.
Joe Dante directed the 3rd part and used one of the scariest and most famous of the Twilight Zone shows: “It’s a Good Life”. I like the thought that somehow someone could find a way to reach the boy and help him.
The last segment was a remake of “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” and done by George Miller. I don’t think it adds much to the original. It did feature some absolutely brilliant acting by John Lithgow who plays the same character as another sci-fi TV series star did: William Shatner. Nice effects and confrontation with the gremlin though.
I do recommend the movie but only if you’ve seen the original series. These are brilliant works of art that will likely thrill audiences for as long as the media lasts. The movie is a loving homage and tribute to the genius of Rod Serling and the other brilliant writers he provided with opportunities (like Jerome Bixby who also wrote The Man from Earth and Richard Matheson who wrote the book I am Legend but none of the three screenplays).


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