Is Microsoft Evil?

I don’t think the answer is Yes but let me explain.
It’s in the nature of corporations to begin with new, revolutionary ideas and grow large and complacent. Conservatism and by that I mean resistance to change is a natural reaction for senescent (old, decrepit) organisms dealing with a changing universe.
From the beast’s perspective: past success has taught that choices were made right in the past. But, in fact, those choices were quite different: they involved risk. Taking the Disk Operating System they worked on for IBM’s new PC. They had the vision to see where this might lead whereas the decrepit IBM didn’t. Gates ran with the idea and that took a lot of guts. As did stealing the windowed OS idea from Apple (who stole it from Xerox PARC). It took yet more moxie to come up with their own versions of a word processor and spreadsheet which had many features amazingly similar to the then leaders on the market. Well all’s fair in business and war, right?
So they began with new ideas and these did lead to affordable PC technology for the masses. Some would say Apple had a little more to do with it but that argument is hard to justify when you look at the sheer numbers of Windows users out there.
So, as you can tell, I’m certainly not happy with everything that Microsoft is doing. Why do I say they aren’t evil? Certainly there are many out there who feel betrayed by this Juggernaut.
Well I just think it’s the nature of the beast… other companies or the new Open Source movement will take the place, in our hearts, that Microsoft once had. MS is showing signs of change now but it may be too late. I don’t think it can die any time soon. It’s still too big. I and many, many others work with their software every day. But Vista, like Windows Me before it, is certainly a festering sore which is making many people look for other solutions. Acquiring Yahoo isn’t going to help them if they manage it… it’ll just make them that much bigger and more aloof.


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