Line 6 Toneport UX2

My wife and I purchased one of these USB2 recording interfaces for our iMac so that we could record vocals and guitar into our music software. It’s a cool unit although you do have to upgrade the software to have it work on Leopard. I did know that buying an iMac doesn’t instanteously allow you to record music professionally. You can certainly do all kinds of amateur stuff with the built in Mic but serious recording requires serious equipment. The Toneport UX2 is low end (about $250 with tax) but it’s a great place to start. It does a maximum of 2 tracks at once but it also allows you output your system to your own amp system. I figure, too, that if we ever do get another system with more trackage, it’ll probably use firewire so we’ll be able to use both systems at once!
Our youngest used the Gearbox software it came with to tune his guitar and then to try all kinds of amp and cabinet system sounds out (without having to buy any of them). We’ve done a little recording in Garageband but we haven’t tried it with our Logic Express yet. Like a lot of stuff in the music sphere, there’s quite a lot to learn before we can start pumping out the tunes.


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