Money as Debt

My first exposure to my distant cousin’s interesting video about economics was at his Dad’s (Phil) place last summer. I’m afraid I started drifting off before it was done but it was by no means the fault of the video. I’d been up late the night before and was very tired. Luckily it’s on Google Video now and I can watch it fresh!
This video is a fascinating look at how currency and debt have been inextricably linked and it’s not a very promising outlook. For those who are interested in where money comes from (how can it be continually created with so much debt in the country and the world?) this 47 minute video (click on the link above) is well worth the time. It explains it very well and in terms I find easy to understand. Thankfully I don’t have to dredge up any of my first year economics course from the early eighties.
Paul Grignon is a wonderful artist but if you watch his video you’ll see he has been blessed with other skills and has other interests too.
Very Highly recommended!


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