Earth vs. the Flying Saucers

I had never seen this 1956 sci-fi film until last night after borrowing it from the library. If you know me well then you’d know I’m a great fan of sci-fi films and that I’ve seen a great deal of them. But after seeing this movie I know that my experience was lacking one of the great films of the genre. I watched the film in the original black and white and enjoyed it start to finish. The acting was sub-grade but it’s easy to overlook it when you see the wonderful special effects. This is a true science fiction film with interesting science and intriguing aliens. It is no space opera or drama using sci-fi to boost its ratings. The genius behind it is Ray Harryhausen. This man didn’t invent stop motion filming but almost did. He is nothing short of a prodigy when it came to building miniatures and his work on this film and others which you may have seen like Jason and the Argonauts (1963 with the unforgettable fight of the skeletons), the 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958), 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957) and It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955) were extremely memorable.
Highly recommended if you admire craftsmanship!


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