Earth Hour

I just signed myself up for Earth Hour. The idea is to agree to turn off your lights for one hour at 8pm March 29, 2008. We live in a world that blazes off light into space and in our houses and businesses where it isn’t needed. I remember the big blackout of August 2003 and how magical that night was. Everyone was looking up at the stars that night, not because there was something special astronomically to look at, because the stars were visible. The great light pollution that we humans generate to turn back something as natural as night. Not many people think about light pollution until a blackout occurs.
I’m going to do my part on March 29th to cut down on the light pollution I’m responsible for and turn off all the electricity I’d normally be using that night. It’s just one hour and I and my family can exist independant of electricity for an hour. In fact, I’m hoping that this will grow in many other hours we turn the electricity off and a different portion of our lives on.


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