It would be easy to say that the title of this film says it all but there are many equally bad teen movies that resonated with me in my teenage years (like Meatballs and, shudder, Porky’s) and I still recall these with a nostalgia that never measures up to seeing the film again. So maybe movies like this are a rite of passage into adulthood… specifically a male adolescent fantasy thing. I don’t really see any of the three movies I’ve mentioned as being from the teenage woman perspective (what would a female get from them?)
Some of the acting is well done and there are many funny moments (such as Fogell’s fake ID). I especially like the performances of Michael Cera (Evan), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Fogell) and Emma Stone (Jules).
So if you happen to be a guy, a teenager and in the mood for some escape-from-reality humour than go for it. The only other excuse I can think of is if you’re doing research for a Psych paper.


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