Adam’s Rib

Melanie Doane is among my favourite Canadian musicians. Her album, Adam’s Rib, is an amazing album and well worth buying. I love the title track. For me the very poetic lyrics evoke an exploration of women in contrast to men, women’s ‘place’ in the bible, being overly protected in a relationship and much more. I hear more every time I hear it. Another reason I enjoy this track is for the driving violin. It sounds so classical at first and evolves into a great rock ballad. Doane’s skill on the violin is wonderfully in evidence through the entire album.
Each song is worth listening to, although I especially like “Goliath”, “Waiting For The Tide”, “There Is No Beautiful” and “Absolutely Happy”. I took the CD out of the car since I was afraid it was going to get scratched as I was fumbling for it so often. I just listened to it, in fact, while making pork chops and vegetables for dinner; the rib was the appetizer.

Very worth while!


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