Doris Day quote hunt

A wee hunt for you
where you find the quote
by teasing each clue
with the right golb note

You may deride: “Wait a minute, what has she to say?”
but, perhaps, you will be enlightened by Doris Day!

  1. First definite article in the title
  2. 3rd word, 3rd sentence
  3. the very last word
  4. 4th word minus the ‘no’
  5. 2nd sentence, 5th word and then 5th sentence, 19th word
  6. 3 letter word; as you get older you _ _ _
  7. 2nd paragraph, words 4, 5 and 6
  8. last line, 2nd word
  9. middle sentence, 2nd word including the contraction
  10. 2nd paragraph, last word
  11. 3rd sentence, last 3 words before the comma

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