Planet Earth

I borrowed the Planet Earth series from the library and it blew my mind with its stunning visuals, breadth, drama and humour. David Attenborough, who I already thought was the best natural history commentator living on our planet, just gets better and better at his craft. There’s more to this series (at least on the DVD) than the scripted shows… the Diaries that run after each segment and show the difficulty involved in the filming process are just as good, if not better, than the shows themselves. It’s amazing what these photographers have to put themselves through just to get that elusive shot.
And what makes it all fresh is that we are often looking at extremely rare animals, plants and etc. Part of the allure is that this footage may be the last to capture some of these creatures. This isn’t just about biological voyeurism, either, there’s a healthy mix of geology, geography, environmental science and climatology thrown in. A very well rounded mix, actually. And they aren’t sugar-coating any of the predator/prey realities out there: there are wonderful cute animals but also the very real blood and guts.
I will certainly buy this DVD set.


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