Shifting Snow

Earlier this week my new (to me) bike from the fall died. The flywheel on the back wheel is spinning away happily and independently in the clockwise direction (it’s not supposed to). I’m thinking that something is frozen in there: the day before was very wet and the following was extremely cold. I pulled out my spare bike and the chain was rusted in a nice crusty solid oval.  So I was stuck and late for work but, almost incredibly, I received a call out of the blue from a coworker’s husband telling me he wanted to sell me his nice Diamondback bike. So a little later I’m riding into work and am only 2 hours late when I get in. Fastest turn around time for getting new wheels!
But today the snow started falling and it still is. It was quite a work out getting into the office and then we closed early. Oh man… what a ride home, the snow shifted under the tires at almost every pedal. I pointed out a tiny spot on my shirt, to my wife after removing my coat, which was unique in that it was dry.


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