Culture Shock III

I’ve golbed about the development and exchange program Canada World Youth here before. If you want to learn about who you are, where you’re from, there is no better way than to immerse yourself in a different culture. I learned a great deal about the world and just as much, if not more, about myself. If I may I’d like to use a quote from Napolean Dynamite to describe myself:


And so here goes: a small poem about that.


A chance to recreate
but you
also see in the puzzled
in those you meet
just what your persona is.

Are you written all over your face?
Are you more complicated than that?
Have you really thought it out?

In those awkward pauses
you realize how wrong
you can be
maybe embarrassing
but such a
lightning bolt.

Be sure to
your eyes open.



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One Response to Culture Shock III

  1. Mark says:

    Was the foreman of sandbar from 83 to 86. What do you know. Just found this site today. Interested to hear of the lives of some if not all.

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