Mac Heist

I was listening to the Macbreak Weekly podcast the other day and heard about Mac Heist there. I agreed with some of what their guest had to say about it possibly being bad for developers (with my Developer hat) but I realized that I would probably not buy this Mac software anyway. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have even known some of this software existed (I only knew 2 of the 14 titles bundled together) if it wasn’t heisted upon me. So I bought and I have to say, after looking at only 2 of the programs in detail I am impressed.
I found out about this time-limited bundle offer very late, by the way, and only had a few hours before it ended. So if you missed out… sorry! This is the 2nd time they’ve done this under the Mac Heist banner, though, so I missed out on the first one too if that’s any consolation. I’ll certainly be looking for their next offering.
I was really blown away with Boinx’s IStopMotion. When combined with the built in camera for our new iMac it can create some really cool effects. It leaves a ghost image up on screen and allows very exacting placement of your subject. The automatic time lapse feature is great, too. I can see my kids and I having a lot of fun with it.
The other software I’ve tried is Tiki Magic Mini Golf from Freeverse. Now this is just fun and my youngest and I had just that last night going 18 holes. Very nice graphics and sound without blood, gore and requiring a supercomputer to run it.

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