Stolen Land

There’s a collective guilt that many of our western cultures must own a part in. We have ruthlessly found our brave new world at the expense of native tribes who were, we said, too backward to know what to do with it.  We’ll help.  No.  They need spiritual saving and we’ll help.  But it wasn’t help.  It was a land grab pure and simple.
So we took over. And the massacres over land and religion, the impact of our disease (some spread through ‘free blankets’ provided by the government) and many other atrocities have stained our hands with a blood hard to clean.
I feel terrible about it. My father’s line has been in North America since 1650 and my mother’s even before that. I know that many of my ancestors were likely involved. But what can anyone do? Say?
I can force myself to dismiss it as mere history but I think our past is glazed over at a terrible price. So we must go onward… what other direction do we have? I am proud to admit that I have a little Ojibwa blood in me from my great great grandmother but is it enough?

Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian.
Robert Orben


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