The Education of Mike Moonblazer – 5

Chapter 5

Bulletin: Space Traffic Control is reported to have just picked up seven Defence Guild pilots from their inoperative Zeploids. The unconscious pilots were apparently taken away from their routine reconnaissance mission by a distress call from a Meteor Starlines Lunar Shuttle, of which no traces have been found. Stay tuned to this wavelength for further updates.

…the fascinating images in Mike Moonblazer’s mind from the transmission soon subsides, leaving him in a daze.
The view screens and ports showed an unexpected sight: an immense plain covered with a weirdly white-coloured vegetation. It was evidently some form of daytime with a bluish dwarf star shining in a magenta sky.
Mike simply stared at the alien beauty for close to ten minutes when a combination of a passenger’s emergency signal and Stella Starstruck’s tugging at his arm jockeyed for his attention. The shook hi head once, grabbed the automatic computer output and moved to the projecting alcove.
“Attention! This is your captain speaking. Please remain in your seats and do not panic. We have somehow been transported to some far away planet. My computers have thus far only been able to confirm that this isn’t Earth. I would advise you to not open your view ports as the atmosphere is extremely toxic and bad for the skin.”
“Now, please take out your Shuttle Emergency Manual found by depressing the yellow but–?”
An eerie wail interrupted Moonblazer’s litany, followed by that same daze that he had experienced before the shuttle had appeared here. He shook his head in amazement to see that the shuttle had disappeared from around him, leaving only the white plain, Stella and the poisonous air!
Stella soon learned that the computer had been wrong, for she was obviously breathing. She laughed as she bent down to try to resuscitate the captain from his dead faint.
“Wha… what happened?”
“Wake up Mike—I think we have company…” Something in Stella’s voice turned Mike in the direction she was looking.
At least seventy dwarf-like men, not surprisingly all Vok look-a-likes were advancing towards the pair across the white plain.
They carried brutal weapon-like tubes at their sides, all of which were trained on Mike and Stella. While the rest of the company halted, a single especially fierce dwarf approached within talking distance.
“Greetings Mike Moonblazer and Stella Starstruck.” His voice was gruff with no hint of friendliness at all. “I have brought you here to provide me with some very important information. You must give us this information directly: is it true? Are Luke and Leia getting together again?”

The End

–1981/06 published in The Grapevine Volume VI, Final Collector’s Issue–

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