The Education of Mike Moonblazer – 3

Chapter 3
Captain Mike Moonblazer landed the space shuttle without any further interruptions, at 4:30, at Luna Base Vega.
After performing all the post flight regalia routine in a Shuttle-of-the-Line Captain’s life, Mike retired to his apartment deep within Vega’s sub-lunarian caverns. His room was large and luxurious, furnished in early 31st century.
A good photon shower washed off all of Moonblazer’s ‘9 to 5’ cares and helped him get ready for his date with Miss Starstruck.
“Ahh—that’s better,” he mumbled as he stepped out of the bathroom. This statement, however, was soon followed by another, “Ahh”, as Moonblazer found an eerie green phosphorescent object in the middle of his state-room.
“There is no need to be frightened, Captain,” said the object. It turned around and let Mike see the front of his body. Moonblazer saw that it was a holographic image of a small man. He, the Dwarf-like person, seemed to project an aura of such age and wisdom that Mike felt inclined to kneel down to be at eye-level with the image.
The hologram found its rich, ancient voice again, “I am a friend, Mike, and I am here to warn you that you are in great danger.”
“What danger? And just who are you?” the disgruntled Captain blurted out.
“There is no time for chatter—listen to me.” The voice took on a stern tone. “I am called Vok Al’hnuir and Unhh…”, their talk was interrupted with Vok’s sudden painful expression and the holo wavered noticeably. Then Vok resumed, “…be…Beware the… the vo…” The small man’s image flickered and vanished.
“The what? Come back Vok,” Moonblazer said to the empty air, uselessly.
Mike contacted the Vega Communications Centre and inquired about the Holo-Beam that had been placed to his room. He was surprised to hear that no beam had come through any of the com-link beacons or from anywhere on Luna. Any beam of such clarity to have bypassed any of the normal receivers would have had to be extremely tight and have a super high energy source.
Moonblazer was so intrigued that he almost forgot about his date. He picked her up at 7, however, true to his word, and brought her to the best restaurant in Vega. They had an enjoyable evening and, at the end, fell to a discussion of whether Luck Skywalker was meant for Princess Leia or Colonel Dearing. The food was very good.
Stella had never heard of anyone named ‘Vok Al’hnuir’ in all her long media career. She agreed that it had been a queer business.
Mike walked Miss Starstruck to the studio. The next morning he accompanied her to the Luna Shuttle and made ready for the trip back to Earth.

Read the next issue where Moonblazer encounters the vortex.

–1981/02 published in The Grapevine Volume VI, Issue III–

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