I am Legend

A Christmas gift from relatives (thanks Brenda & Rick) allowed us to go to see I am Legend at the theatre today. I thought it was a pretty good film and certainly was full of suspense. Will Smith plays Robert Neville, a scientist trying to discover a cure for an artificial virus that has killed 99% of the human population. Smith plays it impressively well. I think the plot could have used a little more massaging. Perhaps more time than the 101 minutes alloted. There’re some holes.
Karen mentioned how much it resembled Signs. I certainly wouldn’t have thought that but she’s right. In the end the question of belief becomes central. A fascinating parallel. The thing is, though, that the evidence in I am Legend for the existence of God is more tangible. In Signs, the evidence is less sure, more ambiguous, yet somehow… you believe it more.
Still I enjoyed it. The Director, Francis Lawrence, is no M. Night Shyamalan but still played my suspense nerves very well! I’d like to see the DVD version when it comes out… see what deleted scenes hit the cutting room floor. I have a feeling some of the holes might be patched.


1 thought on “I am Legend”

  1. Happy New Year Terry,
    I have found your facebook profile and obviously your link to your blog
    or golb should I look back.
    So , I am Legend did not disappoint? How fortuitous.
    I would postulate that the reason Signs while offering less evidence , you have to use belief to bridge the gap. However, those that place more value on evidence to produce belief , may not believe it more.

    Bottom line..its entertainment.

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